The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne Announces Availability for Composite Filling Procedures


Lansdowne, PA -- (SBWire) -- 03/06/2015 --With ice now affecting many areas, the odds of one slipping and chipping their teeth are greatly increased. One of the most widely used methods to repair the damage is the addition of composite fillings. To help restore smiles in the Greater Philadelphia area, The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne has announced they have availabilities for composite filling procedures. While they are not permanently fixed to the tooth, they do provide lasting results.

When teeth in the front of the mouth are damaged, ranging from cracked to worn, an experienced dentist will suggest composite fillings. The fillings are a popular option for those who wish to close a gap between teeth without the use of braces. Since they can be closely matched to the color of the surrounding teeth, they are primarily used in highly visible areas of the mouth. As it only takes one appointment to have a filling put in, the dentist can perform the procedure the day it is determined a filling is required.

The process begins with a leading dentist in the Lansdowne office numbing the tooth and removing any areas afflicted with decay. Next, they will thoroughly clean and prep the tooth. The dentist will carefully shape the filling to ensure it will fit securely in the opening. Once in place, they polish it to blend it in with the tooth's natural color. If the damage was close to the nerve, they can apply a special medication to protect the sensitive area. During the days following the insertion of the filling, the patient will likely experience increased sensitivity to cold and hot foods and beverages as the tooth becomes accustomed to the piece.

When an accident leaves a smile in disrepair, it is important to seek immediate attention before the damage can spread throughout the tooth and jaw. To set up an appointment with a dentist near Bala Cynwyd for a composite filling procedure, visit their website or call 215-DENTURE.

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