Bob W. Has Just Released a New YouTube Video in Which He Explains How to Create a Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWire) -- 03/06/2015 --Bob W. has just released a new youtube video in which he explains how to create a whiteboard animation explainer video and he gives away for free an after effects template to help video editors create their own explainer videos.

At the end of his video, he recommend all the viewers to click a link he put in the description of the video because they will get for free a white board animation after effects template. If a video editor would want to get the same template, he would have to pay over $37, but Bob dcided to give it for FREE to help them. His great video on how to create whiteboard animation explainer videos using after effects templates can be watched for free here

Bob has been working with after effects templates for over 3 years and this video is more like an after effects tutorial because it explains a few great tips on how to make explainer videos more engaging.

About Bob W.
He lives near Chicago, and in his town he is the number 1 video editor, having over 30 recuring customers, and all his videos are made using after effects templates and with the after effects software.

The reason why he always recommend whiteboard animation videos for the clients who want to present their business in a video, is the fact that he realized that the prospects who watch a whiteboard explainer video are twice as motivated to take action after watching the video compared to the the ones who watch a regular video, so because of this Bob managed to create 5 figure business per month for himself by creating whiteboard animation explainer videos, even though he works only 2 hours per day, after he finishes classes.

So, all the people who are interested in whiteboard animation videos or explainer videos, or simply want to watch after effects tutorials, they must watch Bob's video, and download the free after effects template he gives away at the end.

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