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Portland, OR -- (SBWire) -- 03/05/2015 --Advocare Performance Elite is a line of body building and endurance building supplements that professional bodybuilders and athletes have reported using because of their efficiency to work without steroids through high quality natural ingredients that help build muscle mass and endurance. The fitness and body building enthusiast at the website has taken an in depth look at what makes the different Advocare Performance Elite products offered by Advocare, so effective independently and as a program for building muscle and endurance.

The basic aim of the Advocare Performance Elite line of products it to provide body builders and gym goers the complete supplementary and nutritional requirement to optimize their workouts which will enable them to work harder and gain muscle after the workout has been finished. Monster in Training website explains that workouts with weight damages the muscle fiber, it is after a workout that the body begins to repair and replace the damage through a cellular process. The fitness enthusiasts at the website further explain: "This (repair) process fuses the muscle fibers to form new muscle strands also known as muscle protein strands or myofibrils. Muscle building happens when the rate of muscle protein is greater than muscle protein breakdown."

For the muscle mass to build and for the repairing process it is important that body builders maintain a certain level of high nutrition for the best results. The Advocare Performance Elite offers 12 different products in the line which have been designed to provide the complete nutritional requirement for optimal workouts and muscle repair and building. The requirement for each different product from the line is different; some have to be taken post workout, some prior, some throughout the day and some before sleep. The mix of different products to be used depends on the type of workout, intensity and result requirements. The Monster in Training believes that the extensive product line makes sense because on one supplement can do it all due to the limitations of the body to consume nutrients and turn them in to energy, that is why each product targets different needs. Learn more about the different Advocare Performance Elite products at:

According to the consumer feedback extracted by Monster in Training researchers, the entire product line has been well received by users, in fact professional bodybuilders and athletes alike use Advocare Performance Elite because it works without steroids, rather on high quality natural ingredients and is back by a reputable and trustworthy manufacturing company. Learn more:

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