One Man's River: Powerful Memoir, Based on Author's Bold Life-Changing Epiphany, Urges Readers to Embrace the Meaning of Their Life

Written from the heart and experiences of Christopher Scalera, ‘One Man's River: an inspirational spiritual journey’ defies tragedy and dysfunction to force readers to view the tribulations of their life in an entirely new light. It’s a spiritual journey few authors would dare share…

Mahopac, NY -- (SBWire) -- 03/06/2015 --Like millions, Christopher Scalera once lived without a care for his life's meaning, or his destiny. After one event changed it all, Scalera's new view on humanity was so compelling and uplifting that its story itself is life-affirming.

To help as many people as possible explore their own spiritual side and embrace the author's wisdom, Scalera has compiled his story into 'One Man's River: an inspirational spiritual journey'. It may just be a small book, but this volume has a big, boundless impact.


Chris Scalera has carved out a nice life for himself in a small upstate town: a loving family, loyal friends, and a successful business. His fiftieth birthday starts out like any other day, with client calls and meetings with friends, but quickly becomes extraordinary when his past comes back to confront—and enlighten—him.

Chris embarks on a spiritual journey that will open his eyes to new possibilities and redefine his reason for living. His story of redemption and forgiveness will affect you like nothing you've read.

"We all face challenges and we all have emotions, but this story shows how they could overwhelm you in one sudden moment and leave you acutely aware of who you really are," explains Scalera. "My goal is to leave readers feeling inspired, uplifted and like they're standing on the shoulders of giants – ready to carve out and exploit their own unique place in the world."

Continuing, "The amazing thing about my story is that it wrote itself. Everything is pretty close to true, I have embellished a little bit for the sake of hype. Initial feedback from readers has proven to be immensely positive – what more could a new author ask for?"

Scalera is right; his volume packs a punch to average 4.5* reviews on Amazon. Freddy Reiss comments, "I was touched by the spiritual journey Chris had with his mom I would love to have that journey with my sister Nancy. It was also amazing how Chris had his tough times along with trying to find his way through life's journey. I enjoyed reading his journey and showed me that anything is possible if you keep your eyes on the Lord."

Stephen adds, "One Man's River is the story of a spiritual mans quest through life. It is filled with funny, and true, stories with themes that relate to all audiences. The story reads as an autobiography that gives the reader a sense of Chris Scaleras life and then all at once shows you how all of his previous life experiences culminate in a single event that makes sense of his spiritual journey. I loved the book and would recommend it to all others who have been on this lifelong spiritual search."

Robert Lang was delighted that the book was to-the-point and succinct. He writes, "One Man's River is truly a great book. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. The writing is uncomplicated and it is as though the author is speaking to you in person, telling you a story. At times, I found it sad and funny, but ultimately it finishes with answers that provide closure and peace. I think there are lessons for all of us in this book."

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About Christopher J. (Chris) Scalera
Christopher J. (Chris) Scalera lives and writes in Upstate New York with his wife and two sons. A successful, self-employed home exterior remodeler, he has no formal training in writing. The events in this book are essentially the events of his life. He strives to be spiritually centered and to inspire others. This is his first book.

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