Peter and Lisa: New Book, Penned by Passionate Advocates, Helps Children Understand & Foster Compassion for Mental Illness

Written from the hearts and experiences of Charles and Linda Baron Katz, both sufferers of mental illness who furiously champion for awareness, ‘Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Story’ reaches out to young readers with an alternative narrative they’ll never forget. Through the story of couple battling depression and mania, the book drives home a bold message of extending acceptance and support to those who are ill. One critic has already hailed the volume a ”good tool for awareness of mental illness”.

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 03/09/2015 --Living with depression and bipolar disorder, Charles and Linda Katz have spent their entire lives working to quash society's stigma and fear for mental illness. Having worked through their respective challenges to become passionate advocates and educators within their community, the Katz's commitment has already changed the perceptions of hundreds.

Taking their work to a new, national level, the couple are delighted to announce the launch of their new children's book – 'Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Story'.


A children's book about two different mental illnesses, depression and mania, Peter and Lisa makes it easier for children to understand these mental conditions. It is a story about two people affected with such illness and how they got better and recovered through the proper medication and necessary support by family and friends.

Charles and Linda Baron Katz's Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children's Story manifests the true essence of love and support to aid us overcome every storm that may pass.

"Like adults, most children are confused by those who suffer from mental illnesses and are even scared," explains Linda, a prolific writer. "We want to show that mental illness is part of the fabric of society, and that compassion and support is ultimately what those who are ill need to live with as few detriments as possible. Preaching to children doesn't work, so we decided to use fiction and story as our vehicle for change."

Continuing, "The story is light, enchanting yet has a very uplifting undercurrent that we hope touches the heart of each and every child. We know from our own lives that trying to open up a conversation about mental illness isn't easy, but we're confident we've hit on a winning formula."

Readers agree, leaving a slew of positive reviews. Coco comments, "Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Story by Charles Katz & Linda Baron Katz is a must read for all. I also believe that it's a must have for every bookshelf too. This is a special child's book about mental illness. It is written in a way that children can understand it without frightening or confusing them about the subject."

Judith Carrington adds, "Nobody I know of has yet come up with such a clever way to describe complex communication issues in such a way that could inspire a reader to partner and model. The illustrations and colors beautifully enhance the message. This little book should be bought by libraries and made known to all audiences involved with mental health issues."

'Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Story', is available now:

About Charles and Linda Katz
Charles and Linda Katz, husband and wife, were married on November 10, 2002. Both were raised in the Jewish faith and live in a religious Modern Orthodox Jewish community in Kew Gardens Hills, New York. Charles and Linda both suffer from mental illnesses. Charles was diagnosed with depression and Linda with bipolar disorder as young adults. Both of them went through many difficult challenges they had to face as a result of their mental illnesses and struggled hard to achieve recovery. Since then, Charles and Linda have been committed to the cause of educating the community about mental illness. Linda is a Peer/Mental Health Advocate and is the author of her first published book, Surviving Mental Illness, My Story.

Charles has helped Linda promote her book and gives charity on behalf of organizations that do quality work for the mentally ill. Since Charles and Linda were unable to have children of their own, they decided the best way to contribute to children was through their writing. With Charles's child-like personality and Linda's knowledge on mental illness, the two accomplished to write this book to show how important it is for children to understand that with the right kind of help mental illness can be treated and people can live normal, healthy, happy lives.

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