2B Designer Reveals New Business Trends in 2015 Through Its Uniquely Amazing Business Cards

London, UK -- (SBWire) -- 03/11/2015 --The start of this New Year turned out to be an urge for early start for the ventures across London. During a recent Press Release, Brigita, chairperson of London based designing business '2B Designer' revealed some new business trends expected to rule the current time, one of which is the arrival of business cards again.

Interestingly, the business card trend, which many considered obsolete and un-necessary during the time of digital dominance, hit back with immense popularity and potential among business owners lately. In Brigita's words, "The Business Card gives a business owner the opportunity to showcase how his business is- the Good, the Bad or the Ugly. The card tells it all before he tends to explain."

Brigita insisted on the significant role the business cards may play in offering boost to a business. She shared her opinion on the dominating trends of current times, admitting that everything that is old, boring, monotonous and traditional ought to go out. Then are the business cards not the outdated concept of 20th century? Brigita denied the statement while reasoning on the subject,"Has someone seen the metallic business cards lately? Or the ones that serve as holder for a paint brush? The arena has changed with lot of creativity and ideas which one may not have imagined possible a decade ago. Let me show a dancer's business card we recently designed." Sure enough, the image on the website was appealing, prominent and unique, speaking of the designer's creativity.

Brigita also shared few tips on the aspects that can add value to a business card. Quality of the card, the readability of font and the information contained therein have the maximum impact. "I suggest staying away from information overload", asserts Brigita, "since too much of data on a small piece of paper is sure to turn you down straight away." Through her designs, Brigita tends to bring the best of a business. Her images speak of the potential and optimism which clients wish to see in the vendors serving them. She keeps the clarity of her business card design intact, while accommodating all that seems necessary to be furnished on card.

As Brigita puts it clearly, "Our success depends on how our clients' businesses do. We strive to offer them the best of quality at the best price possible." 2B Designer with its already established Portfolio of some highly established ventures speak of the credibility and earnestness. Company has been doing great with its current projects and is expected to go far with its creative and amazing designs.

About 2B Designer
It is a London based designing firm involved in bringing out the corporate identity through its designs. From Logo designing, Flyer Designing and Template Designing, the firm has extended its functioning to full-scale banners, Magazine/ Catalogue design and Web Designing as well. The company specializes in designing highly artistic business cards.

To know more, visit their official website http://www.graphicdesigner2b.co.uk

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