Andrea Lin Performs with Cupid and Nephew Tommy

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 03/31/2015 --Andrea Lin, the renowned performer who has worked on music videos of some of the top acts in the world, performed with the famed Cupid and Nephew Tommy recently, much to the delight of the audiences in LA.

The Dance Party King known as Cupid has come up with a new dance hit "Cupid Shuffle" where he teams up with Nephew Tommy. His latest dance sensation "Wham Dance" was well received, which is why there were huge expectations from the new number as well. But Andrea Lin who performed with the duo in LA has turned out to be a major attraction for the audiences who just didn't seem to have enough of her.

A noted creative media producer and artist, Ms. Lin has made her presence felt in different areas of the entertainment industry for a long time now. A noted model and actor, she had her deep interest in dance. She has followed her passion over the years and has been seen in music videos of artists like Britney Spears and Madonna, Jamie Fox, L'il Kim, P. Diddy and more.

She has also choreographed dance shows all over the country in every possible style. Her DANCE a GoGo, which is a dance cardio based program, has been incredibly popular. Based on Pop Culture and Music, it brings together different dance forms; from contemporary to modern. The program designed for women celebrates them and encourages a healthy lifestyle, vigor and enthusiasm amongst them.

Riding on the wave of success of these different projects, Ms. Lin is on a high and the recent performance in LA has been another feather in her glorious cap. The comedy tour with Cupid and Nephew Tommy has become highly successful and Ms. Lin is getting her fair share of appreciation for it. This news augurs well for the performer who has something big on the anvil for her audiences.

SUPERDOLL is Ms. Lin's latest musical vision involving a visual storytelling of music and dance, and it has raised the anticipation levels amongst her audiences. It's a visionary concept where she challenges and revolutionizes the actualization of female ideologies in the Pop Culture environment. And if her previous performances, including the latest one with Cupid and Nephew Tommy is to go by, then the audiences are in for a huge treat once more.

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An actress, model and dance artist who has explored several dance forms around the globe, armed with her creative visions and production capabilities, Andrea Lin is a performer who is truly one of a kind artist combining both craft on and off stage and making both just as compelling.

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