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Ivyland, PA -- (SBWire) -- 04/01/2015 --The National Maintenance and Build Out Company (NMBOC) provides premium build out services and retail construction projects in Bucks County and Montgomery County, as well as the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have built a reputation for their dedication to personalized results and exceptional customer service. Their engineers provide affordable project management solutions that can fit every budget, as well as comprehensive timelines and deadlines, constant updates and alerts, and unrivaled services. Adding to their already extensive list of accolades, the NMBOC is announcing that they are going green.

Showing their commitment to being industry leaders, the NMBOC has rallied to the cause of protecting the Earth from continued damage. The fast-paced economic growth surge that has proliferated around the world has not been kind to Mother Earth. Landfills are running out of room, air, land and water pollution has increased, and nutrient runoff has allowed algal blooms to flourish and create ever-growing dead zones in the Earth's oceans and great lakes. However, as the NMBOC is in the business of furthering progress and helping companies to grow and expand, they can't protest economic growth – it is their lifeblood. To continue their allegiance to their clientele, as well as their devotion to the environment, the NMBOC has pledged to purchase their materials and equipment, and to incorporate changes into their construction process, as eco-consciously as possible.

As a small example of their commitment, the NMBOC is switching all of the light bulbs they install from conventional incandescent bulbs to LED lights. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have longer life spans, lower energy usages, reduced maintenance costs and increased safety benefits over incandescent, neon and Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs. And this is just one small step in NMBOC's journey towards being a green business.

Whether looking for emergency maintenance, ground-up construction services or construction build outs in Bucks County or the surrounding areas, the National Maintenance and Build Out Company has the necessary staff and tools to finish the job in an environmentally friendly way.

For more information, visit their website or call 888-340-6900.

About National Maintenance and Build Out Company, LLC
National Maintenance and Build Out Company, LLC (NMBOC) specializes in providing retail construction management services and facility maintenance for numerous companies throughout the country. With over 50 construction professionals, skilled subcontractors, and customer service specialist, the company provides superior craftsmanship and complete customer satisfaction. They are committed to creating quality commercial construction solutions and retail build outs. Every client is assigned a team specifically assembled to best suit their unique requirements. To ensure every specification is met, the company employs the NMBOC Quality Assurance Process that thoroughly reviews every aspect of their work.

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