Diet Doc Incorporates New Products, Continually Helping Patients Achieve Safe, Comfortable and Quick Weight Loss

In their continuous effort to help their patients smoothly, comfortably, safely and successfully reach their ideal weight, Diet Doc incorporates Neuro Balance and Sleep Support into their already successful stable of effective quick weight loss supplements


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 04/07/2015 --Diet Doc understands the challenge of reducing and eliminating carbohydrates when trying to lose dangerous and embarrassing excess fat. Carbohydrate withdrawal can sometimes become so overwhelming that, even those with the best weight loss intentions, are forced to abandon their goals and succumb to the temptation of processed foods, high in calories and carbohydrates. Diet Doc's goal is, not only to help people lose excess fat, but to help them lose it safely and comfortably without headaches, between meal hunger, carbohydrate cravings and loss of energy. For this reason, they continue to research and develop diet products that will help their patients overcome carbohydrate withdrawal to achieve safe and quick weight loss.

Diet Doc's newly released Neuro Balance helps patients improve their mood while reducing powerful carbohydrate cravings and is especially helpful to those patients who are emotional eaters, reaching for high carbohydrate foods during times of stress or frustration. By balancing key neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine with 5-HTP and Theanine, as well as 2 additional herbal ingredients, Chinese Skullcap and Asian Ginseng, patients are celebrating comfortable and quick weight loss without side effects.

Diet Doc's new Sleep Support contains 2 mg of melatonin, along with 5 herbal extracts, to promote relaxation and a more restful state. Experts agree that getting peaceful, restful and adequate sleep is imperative to good health, well-being, mental alertness and acuity, as well as maintaining a healthy weight. Sleep can be equated to nutrition for the brain and inadequate sleep is thought to dull activity in the brain's frontal lobe, where decision making and impulse control is calculated, clouding the brain and making it difficult to make good decisions. In addition, an overtired body and brain finds itself looking for something to make it feel better and lacks the control to say no to a second helping or a high carbohydrate, high calorie treat.

Diet Doc continues to add diet products that help their patients over the initial weight loss hurdles by curbing the appetite, controlling food cravings and eliminating between meal hunger and fatigue during dieting. Their diet plans are designed by certified nutritionists who understand how and why the body reacts to specific foods, and are created to be compatible with the individual nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs of each patient. An initial online doctor consultation and review of the entire system enables the team of weight loss professionals to design diet plans and prescription diet products to target very distinctive areas that may have been overlooked in the past and may be contributing to weight gain or preventing weight loss. Qualified patients may choose to add one or more of Diet Doc's prescription diet products, including hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and powerful fat burners to their diet plans that work flawlessly in unison to target stored fat that has become comfortably and dangerously nestled in the cells and surrounding the internal organs, to be released into the bloodstream, burned for energy and quickly flushed from the system.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of each Diet Doc product, the company continues to utilize fully licensed, FDA approved pharmacies in the United States for all diet product manufacturing. And, because the company respects each patient's time and privacy, qualified patients can reorder their prescription diet products easily and effortlessly via the internet or phone for direct delivery to their home. Their state of the art diet plans and diet products have helped people throughout the country improve their health through safe and quick weight loss without costly and time consuming doctor visits.

Diet plans are designed for those of all ages, gender, shapes and sizes. New patients who are searching for the best diet to achieve safe and quick weight loss can simply visit or call Diet Doc to complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online, one-on-one consultation with a physician.

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