Woman Plans to Change African Government


Nigeria, Africa -- (SBWire) -- 04/07/2015 --Jennifer Ugo, self-described rationalist extraordinaire, has finalized plans to broadcast her campaign on the web.  Research and development for the project has been underway since last year, and is now complete. Proposed launch date is April 1st, 2015.

News Site About Africa and Nigeria Gets Makeover

Ms. Ugo, long-time political blogger, has partnered with JC Web to bring AfricaIntels.com to life. The site's motto is, "Development of Africa can be achieved if we come together." A true believer, Ms. Ugo says that change starts from the ground up, and awareness of the issues is the first step. She says that she has been championing the truth by disseminating information that has not been popular with traditional news outlets in her country. A strong advocate for the separation of church and government, she brings her passion of both foreign and African politics to her country's plight.

Breaking News in Africa

The flow of real and timely news has long been an issue in Africa. Ms. Ugo aims to change that by updating AfricaIntels.com quickly and regularly to bring the hard-hitting problems that face the average African. She intends to empower each African, and Nigerian citizens in particular, with the knowledge of what is happening in the streets and in the centers of power. By focusing on news about Africa, she hopes that people can make informed decisions for themselves, without relying on the filtered bits and pieces that trickle down from state-run news sources or the rumor mill.  Her site features the hottest trending stories from Africa and around the world, with relevant topics such as Nigeria being the second least active country sexually on the planet. Not to underscore the importance of all information, the site also includes fresh celebrity and entertainment news.  All-in-all, the site promises to redefine the political scene across Africa, by exposing the details that inquisitive minds crave. "I feel like our leaders cannot hide from the truth," Says Ugo. "Once we shine a light on them, then they cannot deny the will of the people."

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