BBC Update Site in Time for Google's Algorithm Changes, Ranking Solutions Responds

Burnley, Lancashire -- (SBWire) -- 04/23/2015 --UK Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company, Ranking Solutions, have recently commented on BBC's new site, which has been designed with responsiveness as the main aim.

The BBC rolled out the new web design towards the end of March, with the original Desktop only version switched off, so all visitors to the site are now directed to the new design, which is the same across all devices.

A spokesperson for the BBC said, 'The old site that we had, which is now four-plus years old, was really designed with PCs in mind. Moving to a fully responsive solution which works across mobile tablets and desktops is the way to go. It means that we can have one solution that is a web solution for all of our users.'

The change helps save money due to lower running costs, though the BBC don't intend to lower the spending budget, allowing for extra features to be incorporated into the site, without having to bump up the size of the development team.

Users have commented on the changes, with generally positive reactions. Online editor of new formats at the Daily Mail, Martin Belam, said, ' A site will judge whether a redesign has been a success on metrics like speed, availability, cost of maintaining code, ease of making changes and of course audience growth. Those things won't always be apparent to the general users.'

Google algorithms are set to come into place on the 21st April, which ranks sites depending on if they're mobile friendly or not. A responsive site which is suitable for both desktop and mobile devices.

Often commenting on industry news, a spokesperson for Ranking Solutions said, 'The fact a major site such as BBC has redesigned its site to be responsive shows just how important April Google algorithm changes are.

It's important now more than ever to have a responsive site which can be used across both desktop and mobile devices, and at Ranking Solutions we can help your site pass the Google algorithm checks. No one will want to stay on your site long if it isn't responsive and they might not even be able to find it when searching on Google if it fails all the new checks!

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