Boiler Costs Up to 55% of Bills: South Thames Plumbing Comments

Sunbury on Thames, England -- (SBWire) -- 04/29/2015 --Recent research conducted by the Energy Trust has brought attention to the figures that in terms of energy bills, a boiler is typically responsible for influencing at least 55% of the cost. This means that money can potentially be saved by opting for a boiler of efficiency, and other factors, such as the quality of plumbing in your property, are essential to consider.

Ultimately, boilers are such a significant feature of utility bills as they are responsible for fulfilling a number of roles within the home, such as central heating and hot water. Furthermore, some people can feel confused by the varieties and forms available, including the scale-rating regarding efficiency from A-G.

The most efficient boilers, the research also notes, could lead to savings for households by as much as £370 a year. This could be made a reality through the selection of an A-rated boiler which would typically be a highly efficient and practical condensing boiler. Other factors, such as installing heating timers and controls can help reduce the overall costs coming from boilers and potentially reduce carbon dioxide emissions also.

South Thames Plumbing, who are experts in boiler installations and frequent commentators on the industry, were quick to comment in light of the figures released. "We hope that the released statistics will encourage people to make sustainable boiler choices wherever possible," a spokes person told us. "After all, although a boiler can compose a significant amount of household costs, these can be cut through some sensible choices.

"It really can be considered to save much money in the long-term, to make that investment now in a highly efficient modern model rather than incur a number of costs and possible complications over the years for existing fittings."

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