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Neopets has been the most excitingentertainment for all age group. Originally developed to target college students, Neopets has expanded to cover players old and young.


Buckhannon, WV -- (SBWire) -- 05/13/2015 --The is a one-stop shop for every Neopet lovers as they provide the best items and weapons needed in playing the world's leading virtual pet community which is the Neopets. From Avatar items to Battledome weapons, draik eggs, potions, paint brushes and stamp & coins: Neopians could not ask for more. All they need to get these awesome items is to purchase Neopoints from the different packages offered exclusively for Neopians at the official website of Illusens Glade.

Neopets has been the most exciting entertainment for all age group. Originally developed to target college students, Neopets has expanded to cover players old and young.This virtual pet website allows players to create their own Neopets by choosing among the 43 Neopets species that can be customized in different colors such as blue, red, yellow and green. After choosing what type of Neopets to play, the website visitor name their Neopet, give them a personality, choose where the Neopet lives, what they love to do and how the other visitors will greet the user's Neopet. And as a starter, they will have to choose the kind of stats that refers to strength, defense and movement to be placed to the newly created Neopet.

Upon the creation of the Neopet, the website offers a free tutorial which is optional – that is whether to skip the tutorial or not. In the main page of the user, 2,500 Neopoints or NP is given to new players. The things they have to do is already listed on the main page that include playing games, dressing, exploring the virtual world of Neopia, shopping and creating Neohome for the Neopet. In the bottom of the "things to do" is the community list for the Neopet where visitors will socialize with other page users. News, pet central, contests, marketplace and newbie boards are some that can be found in this section. At the left side of the main page, certain task for the visitor is already listed which should be completed while at the lower left corner of the page is where the friend's list of the visitor will be found.

Aside from purchasing Neopoints from Illusens Glade stamp and coins, users can also obtain Neopoints by joining mini-games that have a limit per day, in order to prevent extensive Neopoint hoardings from the players. Users can choose from the different genre of games available and some of them provide double Neopoints for people who will manage to complete the game with flying colors. The top 3 high scorers' name on each event will be displayed in their community board. And for them to perform better when in combat in the Battledome with other users, certain upgrades on the Neopets must be made through item and stat enhancers purchases. Yet, for page visitors to be qualified to join the Battledome where rare items and weapons are given as a reward, users much reach certain Neopet level. And that is only made possible when they managed to complete quests and play mini-games.

With the popularity of Neopets to the Millennials, it's not surprising that the Illusens Glade see to it that what they offer to Neopians are only the best items and weapons needed by the users. In fact, in order to encourage players to strengthen their Neopets they are giving away freebies such as the free $20 reward credit points on every purchase of any items in the Illusens Glade portal with a total amount of $20.

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