Sealalash Now Offering People a Way to Restore Classic Windows While Optimizing Fuel Economy

Sealalash can help people keep, restore and repair their wooden sash windows while at the same time saving them money on their heating bills through precision engineering approaches.

Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWire) -- 05/21/2015 --Classic windows give a building a historic feel, and let in plenty of light by using many small panes of glass. The argument for uPVC windows has often been that they improve the insulation of the home compared to drafty, worn out wooden sash windows. Careful restoration however, hybridized with the latest insulation approaches, can make them just as effective and trapping heat when done properly. Sealalash specialize in this sash window repair, and can help people keep their beautiful, classic windows while saving them money on energy bills at the same time.

The Sealalash complete Sash Window Renewal System will make every window in the house good as new. They replace and repair damaged and rotten timbers, even reglazing if required, while checking weights and servicing spiral balances. They also fit the very latest draft seals, making the windows competitively economic in saving homes money on energy bills.

The sash window service will eliminate all common problems and restore the windows to their prime. Testimonials on the website attest to the fact that the newly restored windows work even better than new ones, proving that hundreds of years of practical engineering still works beautifully today, when properly cared for and restored.

A spokesperson for Sealalash explained, "Many people selling PVC windows have presented the choice as a dichotomy – you can have beautiful wooden sash windows or you can save money on your energy bills. Most people let practical concerns outweigh the aesthetic, so heritage architecture and beautiful windows have been ruined. We offer people the best of both worlds, enabling them to get better energy efficiency than ever from their existing windows, which will also function better than ever thanks to the expert engineering and restoration delivered by our teams. Serving Melbourne, Ballarat and Hobart, we look forward to saving more beautiful homes money, but most importantly, a crucial part of their identity."

About Sealalash
Sealasash is a sash window restoration and repair company operating in Melbourne and Tasmania, Australia. They are specialists in premium sash window restoration which brings these beautiful old windows back to their former glory. They offer not only the most professional and expert services, but the most competitive prices and the best customer experience.

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