Airwheel Technology's Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Is Well Designed

The Website Launches Their Electric Unicycle That Can Be Controlled Easily

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 05/21/2015 --The products from Airwheel Technology are innovative and help in reducing the ever increasing pollution levels. They use top end technology and raw materials in the manufacture of all their merchandise and hence, it can be considered by those people who wish to use them in their daily transit.

Their electric unicycle which is a popular product amongst their patrons is considered to be very eco-friendly. The battery on which it runs comes with a Sony lithium battery core. This ensures that there are no harmful emissions when someone rides on it. Anyone can control it just by leaning backward or forward whilst riding. It can be carried effortlessly on metros and therefore, is ideal for daily use.

The product can be maneuvered easily on roads where there is traffic congestion. Since it does not require much space to ride, people can save a lot of time in commuting to and from office. The long battery life ensures that it can cover a considerable distance every day. There is a maximum speed limit of 16 km/hr beyond which the unicycle will not allow the rider to accelerate. Another interesting feature is that the tilting angle also comes with an upper limit of 45 degrees to the side. It is therefore, safe and helps avoid any major accidents.

The website says, "The lithium battery which is used in the product has some distinctive features. Apart from being powerful and having a capacity to get recharged more than 1800 times, it even has a longer life when compared to others. The time for getting it recharged is also shorter. It does not need any maintenance and is quite compact in style and size. Popularly known as the X3, it even has several features that ensure the safety of the rider."

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The website claims that their products are a boost to the whole green movement which has been started to save the Earth's atmosphere. Amongst their many products, the one wheel electric unicycle and the intelligent self-balancing scooter have garnered positive reviews from most of their patrons.

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