Fish Oil Believed to Be Beneficial Among Bodybuilders Who Want to Gain Muscle Mass

Orlando, FL -- (SBWire) -- 05/22/2015 --Fish oil is one of the most popular herbal supplements today. Its use is associated with the improvement of overall health in many individuals. It is also mustering the trust of people who are engaged in bodybuilding activities.

Fish oil is believed to be beneficial among bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass. According to research, bodybuilders, as well as other power athletes, who take fish fatty acids on a daily basis are likely to experience an increase in their muscle recovery ability.

A French study on humans tried to investigate the effects of fish oil. The subjects were women who were made to take three fish oil capsules every day for three months. According to researchers, the supplement has been able to divide the protein PAI-1 concentration in half. PAI-1 is associated with heart attacks, and is also known to block muscular recovery.

An animal-based study was conducted and it involved mice being injected with cardiotoxin, which is poison that destroys muscle cells. It was found that the muscles of mice without PAI-1 recovered more quickly. The damaged muscles were also able to regain their strength.

"Fish oil is believed to be very effective in helping people who suffer from a variety of conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis. This is why many sufferers are using fish oil supplements today," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

Researchers speculated that fish oil can significantly help in the retention and repair of muscle tissue, especially if it is taken in addition to protein supplements. Bodybuilders often take protein supplements, and taking fish oil can also add more protection to their muscle health.

There is a variety of therapeutic benefits offered by fish oil. However, it also provides some indirect support to the quality of workouts among individuals who are trying to build their muscles. Fish oil can provide healthy cholesterol level support and improve bone health. Bodybuilders may also be able to pursue workouts for a longer period of time through the use of the natural alternative.

Fish oil consumption is extremely beneficial for bodybuilders. Workouts or training sessions make the body suffer from tissue inflammation and cellular damage. However, the polyunsaturated fats in fish oil help take care of providing the nutrients essential to rebuild cell membranes, as well as reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints. In addition to the benefits in joint health, fish oil is also believed to help improve immune system function and cardiovascular health ( ).

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