Shares the Key Takeaways of Investing to Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Though proving the ROI of these strategies could be a big challenge, some marketers were able to prove that there are higher returns when efforts are focused on blogging, content distribution and organic search.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWire) -- 05/25/2015 --Content marketing has proven that brands cannot reach their target niche successfully without the valuable content published and distributed. The content flooding the cyber world far and wide, serves as the link between the marketers and the consumers; that if they fail to produce a content that serves as a direct response to the growing needs and interest of consumers, then it would be the end of the relationship. To put it bluntly – there's a need to have a regular publishing of content because consumers do not ask for content anymore, but they demand more of it.

However, with the proliferation of content marketing in the business today, marketers have found their selves torn between two good investments: content marketing and native advertising. Content marketing focuses on the sales funnel which could take some time to show favorable results, yet marketers are guaranteed with a long-term trust that was built between the brand and the consumers. Native advertising is a way of promoting the brand in an upfront manner that could lead to a quicker conversion. Seeing the difference in the process of these two in making the conversion, it still has a bottom line, and that is both can give a winning ROI to marketers who will be using it.

Though proving the ROI of these strategies could be a big challenge, some marketers were able to prove that there are higher returns when efforts are focused on blogging, content distribution and organic search. The effectiveness of this strategy is not new for the reason that these link-building activities can generate real time conversion rates, which is six times higher than those marketing efforts that has nothing to do with content marketing. And with what the links can contribute in boosting the conversion rate, without a doubt, links are essential to every content marketing effort.

But if marketers are still in doubt whether to choose a content marketing or native advertising, then might as well consider the following key takeaways that can help marketers choose the best investment in enhancing their brands' marketability.

- Native Advertising works hand in hand with publishers and media companies

To gain publishing authority and reach, most of the marketers rely on native advertising program that publishers and media companies offer. New publishers with a domain authority (DA) greater than 80 and has a big number of followers of 100,000 was found to have greater cost. Its launching native advertising campaign was to found has an average cost of $35,000. But when the cost is dropped to less valuable publishers with a lower social reach and domain authority, the highest cost estimated is $20,000. With this information, it only means that the brand awareness will only be successful if there's a high domain authority and social reach. But consumer engagement in native advertising is not guaranteed and the cost might be too much for the marketers. So, marketers will need to leverage their content where they'll need to plan a better content marketing strategy.

- Effective campaigns come from retainer packages that can produce up to 10 campaigns per month and earn 1000 links

These retainer packages include production on the multiple campaigns, on-site/off-site strategy consultation and promotion. The pay-per-word structure is also included in the package, but is less popular while the monthly retainer is considered to be the popular one. This retainer package includes articles, infographics, case studies, video accounts etc.

- A bigger budget to allocate for content marketing can boost the number of links that can be gained.

Budget correlates with the increase in the total links and leads generated by their campaign. It can increase by 160%, which could help the brand to be further notice by the consumers through keyword rankings, referral traffics, total number of links, and landing pages that will guide consumers up to making a conversion.

The bottom line, reevaluating the campaigns to be made will help marketers meet their target goals because they will be able to sort out which one works well and which one is not. Whether its content marketing or native advertising, as long as it can provide the growing demands of the consumers when it comes to valuable content; and campaigns are reevaluated before audience consumption; then probably marketers will never lose their way on raising the awareness of their brand and in gaining favorable returns.

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