Article Detective Takes Its Campaign to Indiegogo for Crowdfunding

Indiegogo has always been a great way for tech age entrepreneurs to seek the necessary funding they require to jump start an independent business. Article Detective wants to bring its unique affiliate marketing solution to the masses and is using the power of Indiegogo to do it.

Big Lake, MN -- (SBWire) -- 05/26/2015 --Article Detective begins it's Indiegogo campaign on 5/27/2015 in order to tap into the talent of Indiegogo users for its new writer's website, and seek crowd-funding to enhance the service for its writers and end users. Crowd-funding platforms are the technology age's solution to messy business credit algorithms. Using Indiegogo thousands of people have raised millions of dollars for their projects. Ordinary people read about a business idea and make their own decisions without the use of spreadsheets, shareholder concerns, or other secret credit mathematics which determine "worth".

Article Detective is counting on the "crowd" to recognize a good idea, placing its short term business goals in the hands of the people. Article Detective is a unique library of articles on all types of subject matter including health, social media, current events, and more. Those articles are supplied by writers who wish to make money off of affiliate marketing by either selling articles or creating eBooks. The Indiegogo Campaign's purpose is both to raise money for this online platform, as well as, generate interest from writers who may wish to use it.

"We are actively in search of quality article writers, who are experts about a particular subject matter, and we give them the opportunity to make money from their expertise," explains, Paul Quist (CEO). "We are inspired by the technologists of today and the P2P model of business. When possible to create a win-win business solution, why wouldn't you?"

The idea is for writers to publish their article on the Article Detective website and use the site to earn money through affiliate marketing. Junior Detective (Free Membership) writers receive a 50% ad placement rate from Amazon and Google affiliate links, and Article Detective will take the other portion of the Amazon or AdSense affiliate links placed within the article.

Writers who sign up as a Senior Detective will see their monetary compensation grow to a 75% ad placement rate. Moreover, article writers, both free & paid members, can create an eBook from articles placed on the Article Detective directory by other members for only $19.95, which they can then submit to a popular eBook platform (Kindle, etc.).

The Indiegogo campaign allows writers to buy in through "presales" of the service. For example, they can get a senior lifetime membership as an Indiegogo perk for a one time contribution of $50.00. That means that not only will they not need to continue to pay the monthly membership of $6.95 for their lifetime, it also means if the prices go up, they are locked in at the original $50.00 contribution.

"We know that this is a sound business model, and that it also offers content and article writers a solution to a life of piecemeal contracts and constant deadlines," Paul Quist (CEO), explains. "Article Detective enables writers to make money twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by writing a single article. You can't beat that."

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