Foundation Repair Pros Announces Limited Time $750 Discount on Top-Quality Services

With so many homes in the Dallas area suffering foundation damage due to problematic clay soil, huge discount produces best-ever opportunity to address these issues, Foundation Repair Pros reports

Dallas, TX -- (SBWire) -- 06/01/2015 --Foundation Repair Pros, one of the state's leading foundation repair companies, announced a special discount offer. For a limited time, customers who schedule repairs with the company will receive an unbeatable $750 discount off its regular prices. With 100% guaranteed financing and the area's most impressive record of top-quality work, Foundation Repair Pros provides the solutions that homes with either slab or pier-and-beam foundations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area so often need.

"From Dallas to Fort Worth and Arlington and beyond, foundation damage is an unfortunate fact of life in this area," Foundation Repair Pros representative Kevin Hamilton observed, "With our new special discount, having top-quality repair work done is now more affordable than ever before. We offer financing on every job, and we do every job right the first time, putting an end to these potentially dangerous issues."

As the metropolitan area joining Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby cities consistently topped annual growth lists in the 1990s, experts began warning of problems to come. An influential 2003 research paper titled "Urbanization pressure increases potential for soils-related hazards, Denton County, Texas" pointed out how the clay-heavy soil that was typical of the whole region frequently made unreliable ground to build homes on.

Those warnings have since come to seem prescient. Today, homeowners in the Dallas area suffer some of the highest rates of foundation damage anywhere in the country, with constantly swelling and shrinking clay undermining the platforms their homes are built on. That leads some in the area to pursue ad-hoc, "do it yourself" fixes, projects that can not only fail to achieve the desired results but also often lead to even bigger problems.

Since the company's founding, Foundation Repair Pros has been one of the leading sources of the kinds of effective, affordable foundation repair dallas residents so often need today. In every case, the company's experts identify and focus in on the underlying problems, never, for example, recommending expensive work that does not precisely address the real issues.

Between that dedication to personalized customer service and a commitment to delivering the highest quality work on every job, Foundation Repair Pros has developed a reputation as one of the leading slab and pier and beam foundation repair services in the region. The company has consistently ranked as the best of its kind for both customer satisfaction and affordability, regularly garnering some of the most impressive consumer reviews to be found anywhere.

Thanks to the new, limited-time Foundation Repair Pros special offer, the foundation repair cost dallas homeowners can expect for such high-quality service now drops to never-before seen levels. With a discount of $750 off the company's regular pricing now being available, along with guaranteed financing, there has never been a better time to address important foundation damage issues.

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