UK Debt Collection Scams on the Rise, a Grim Reality That Is Taking Over

Debt Collection Firm Confirms The Facts

London, England -- (SBWire) -- 06/17/2015 --It is not uncommon for businesses in the United Kingdom to experience a great deal of frustration and hassle because of debt collection scams but, what seems to be nothing short of a business epidemic is the fact that these scams are on a sharp rise which calls for stricter measures.

The Federal Management has alerted the business community about this rise in the number of scams asking the community to exercise astute decision making in an effort to control the problem from escalating.

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The horrifying reality surrounding these incidents is how close they are to causing permanent damage to aspiring businesses. Everything seems legit on the outside until bank information is extracted as a result of which businesses suffer the risk of incurring huge losses.

Phantom debts are reported on which dubious claims are made via phone and email causing a great deal of confusion resulting in forcible surrender. This form of debt collection is being reported left and right which brings us all to the question "is the business community really safe?"

Also, no one is immune to these rising threats, the most common businesses affected according to the recent reports are children nurseries, manufacturers, hotels, public service companies.

A spokesperson from Federal Management commented on this issue "Due to the alarming number of calls we have been receiving from distressed clients about these elaborate debt collection cams, we thought it prudent to try and spread the message to the wider business community to be on guard against any spurious contact they receive, demanding monies"

"These criminals carry a wide range of guises and Businesses need to ensure they are aware of the threat of such scams."

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UK Debt Collection News through its online newsletter brings to the business community, the latest happenings in the world of business. The website also alerts businesses by giving them access to tips and tools to stay on top of the news such as the current discussion on debt collection scams spreading like wildfire.

The website suggests the best way to tackle a problem of this magnitude is to employ communication filters that make sure; businesses nip the problem in the bud than suffer the consequences. While reporting to appropriate authorities is always the best thing to do, setting up safety mechanisms to stop such threats from even entering the business is the smartest way to deal with debt collection scams.

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