Writing a Script 101 : Writing a Script with Locations That Shock and Awe

Michael Rogan of ScriptBully magazine shares some strategies screenwriters can use for writing a script in a visually-engaging - and emotionally satisfying - location.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWire) -- 07/20/2015 --Writing a script isn't simply about what the characters say. (That's what "plays" are.) It's about telling a story visually, and transporting the reader (and viewer) with fascinating and creative story worlds.

Unfortunately, according to Michael Rogan of ScriptBully magazine, many screenwriters miss this vital element of screenwriting. "If I see another screenplay scene set in a coffee shop, I"m gonna scream," said Rogan.

So, Rogan wrote a new column "Writing a Script With Kick-Ass Locations" to help screenwriters bring visually-engaging and emotionally powerful locations to your stories.

"Screenplay locations ain't just about choosing a zip code for your story," said Rogan. "It's about finding the ultimate story location that provides the most conflict for your main character...and pushes that character to their absolute limits."

The first thing, Rogan recommends, to writing a script with compelling and interesting locations is to start collecting visual research. "Become an absolute internet junkie on the location."

And then from there it's a matter of finding the most embarrassing, foreboding and (downright) scary locations to put your main character in.

"If you can keep asking:'How do I make my characters uncomfortable?'" said Rogan. "Then you'll be far better off than 97% of the screenwriters out there."

And this hard work on writing a script with locations will pay off immensely. "Story locations do so much of the heavy lifting for you, such as theme and mood."

"They make your story memorable. And being memorable is the first step to being great."

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