Melanotan II Gains Popularity as One of the Safest Tanning Products

Cape Town, South Africa -- (SBWire) -- 09/01/2015 --With the rise in the popularity of tanned skin, it has been reported that products promising to give that natural tan are more popular than ever. For most of the individuals, including both men and women, it has been said that the allure is more on those products that promises a more natural tan as opposed to the visibly fake ones.

In the present day industry, the Melanotan II has been regarded as one of the most popular products for this purpose. The product acts as a peptide that triggers the ample secretion of melanin in the body of the individual user. Hence, it leads to a natural body tan. Biologically, science has revealed that melanin is that chemical substance in the body that is responsible for protecting the skin of the individual against the harmful radiation of the UV rays by slightly changing the color of the outer skin.

This product is offered in two different forms. Customers are given the liberty to choose whichever suits them best. The Melanotan II is offered as an injectable. For those who are scared of needles, the Nasal spray is a painless option. Upon years of reviews, it has been revealed that both the products are exactly the same without any kind of variation what so ever. However, the injectable melanotan works more easily than the Nasal spray.

Users have been openly informed that the amount of the product that they should use depends directly on their goals, as well as they body weight and skin type. Once the individual get the desired tan that they are looking for, the dosage should be reduced to a few injections or sprays in a week to maintain consistency. For those of the consumers who have stopped using the product after getting the desired result, the tan stayed for up to 4 weeks.

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