1Hundred: A New Instagram Alternative That Modernizes Photo Sharing

Limited friend lists no more – The new 1Hundred app takes photos to an unlimited audience of viewers across the nation.

Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/01/2015 --Competition among app developers is at its apex now to develop the most radical and advanced app to get smartphone users to stick to their mobile devices around the clock. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social media apps have been successful in penetrating masses with interest to share life events with friends. However, one significant option lacking in each of these large corporations is that their audiences are always limited to friends and mutual friends of the users. As a result, users often run out of new content to view within minutes. In fact, with any of these above mentioned social networks, a user account without friends or a very limited number of friends is almost useless. This is where 1Hundred comes in as a new opportunity for users to share photos with the entire world, while also allowing all users a 24/7 stream of constantly updated content to enjoy.

1Hundred App – Upcoming trending app for iOS

1Hundred was developed by Taylor Urrizola, an 18-year-old college student based in California. It is an innovative concept that allows social network users to share their photos with an unlimited audience. Instead of simply facilitating photo sharing among friends, this app allows its users to share their pictures with a limitless number of users all across the nation for a specified time period of either 15, 30, or 45 seconds.

Long awaited features all in one

1Hundred comes with all features a user would expect from a modern photo sharing app but includes several more. An especially novel feature of 1Hundred is its protection of user privacy, as the only information needed to sign up is a username and password, meaning no unwanted threats on a user's personal data from advertisers. 1Hundred also integrates a voting tool that allows the user who posted a picture to get an honest rating on each picture shared. A Top 100 section, updated daily, is available for the photos which have received the highest rating from its votes. Finally, if a user likes a particular picture and wants to see more from the individual who uploaded it a simple click of their username will reveal their previous 100 uploaded pictures.

1Hundred will be released onto the Apple App Store on September 3rd with a 3 day picture upload period before pictures begin to appear on September 7th.

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Name: Taylor Urrizola
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Phone # (call or text): 559-202-3775

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