Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. Launches Latest Line of Office Furniture for Staff Comfort

Increasing comfort levels in the office boosts productivity and enhances morale, publishes

Singapore -- (SBWire) -- 09/04/2015 --Recent studies indicate greater comfort in the workplace increases productivity by a minimum of 25 percent while reducing absenteeism by an estimated 32 percent. Though this applies to a number of internal environmental elements, furnitures for the office are considered among the primary deciding factors affecting employees. In light of these figures, Grace Shen of Comfort Design Pte. Ltd. has launched the company's latest line of business furnishings.

Said Shen, "Staff members typically spend seven hours or more at their work spaces each day, so ergonomic chairs and well planned desk arrangements are vital to their comfort and productivity. Making the most of the available space in an office setting is also important, but employees need plenty of room to move around as well. For this issue, various storage and shelving solutions can help. Our recently released selection includes a number of innovative options for those looking to revamp their office spaces."

Ensuring office chairs singapore offer appropriate back support and adjustability allows employees to function more securely without the need to continually walk away from their work spaces, keeping these types of distractions minimal. Desks need to offer a certain degree of flexibility for workers to arrange their computers, tools and accessories as necessary. This alone can boost morale by an average 10 percent. Numerous offices have switched to a multiple computer screen setup for greater efficiency. Those planning to follow suit should keep this consideration in mind when choosing tables or desks for staff members.

Maintaining temperature levels comparable to most home environments is generally recommended in an office setting; however, deducting as many as five degrees from that caters to the more hot-natured individual. Cooler temperatures also help prevent the spread of certain viruses and bacteria, thereby reducing illnesses. Lighting is an additional factor as appropriate levels of light can reduce eye strain and emotional stress. Experts advise excessive lighting tends to raise stress levels while unnecessarily increasing operation costs.

Concluded Shen, "Whether geared toward clients or employees, we offer Comfort Furniture Singapore designed to fit the needs of any facility. We also encourage customers to visit the promotional portion of our website to check out our monthly sales. Our lineup includes the styles and brands customers have come to rely on for home, office and restaurant furnishings, as well as an array of other establishments, at the most affordable prices available."

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