Preschool Learning Is Now Much Easier with OobEdoO

Treforest, UK -- (SBWire) -- 09/18/2015 --OobEdoO is a new parenting application which many have been calling mums help with toddlers. Not only does it completely change the way children learn and play, combining the two concepts, but also provide children with some amazing preschool learning, too. OobEdoO uses the touchscreen phenomenon to their advantage and present engaging learning material to children through episodes and games through which they are able to gain some much needed preschool learning. Their philosophy rotates around digital parenting. The application provides caretakers and parents to view their child's progress and improvement via stats and progress reports.

They call their preschool parenting app 'edutainment' and believe that the games they offer are full of color, are constructive and extremely dynamic and in tune with the current trends. Their games rotate around figures and cartoon characters that all children love and that are known the world over. Some of these characters include Timmy Time, Humf, Teletubbies and Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom.they also have integrated some of their own characters, which they have created themselves, into the game. The application is varied, diverse and vast and provides many different games, activities and videos for an ad-free and completely safe learning activity for children.

Parents can also hope to benefit from one of the best preschool apps in the offing. For one, they can rest assured that their child is learning, is happy and is experiencing a great digital environment. They will also gain detailed reports with precise statistics, reporting the progress of their child. The statistics are also immensely easy to understand so that parents can continue with their schedules.

People who are subscribed to OobEdoO – the foremost app in the huge apps for toddlers industry – will also get access to the website which offers a whole lot of other content. Parents can benefit from creative ideas, the latest news, tips, blogs, advice and activities. There are also a number of competitions for the parents who want their children to become competitive individuals. The subscription fee is not too much, too. One only needs to pay about three point nine-nine pounds in a single month. The fee is nothing compared to the many benefits one's child will be able to reap.

OobEdoO's team is highly talented and closely-knit. They are constantly on the lookout for newer ideas through which they can improve their application and make it even better for toddlers and parents, alike.

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