Josey Lane Dentistry Launches OraVerse Treatment to Reverse Numbness After Local Anesthetic

Josey Lane Dentistry can help numb the pain during procedures but then bring back feeling once the procedure is complete in order to avoid complications with the use of local anesthesia thanks to a new treatment.

Carrollton, TX -- (SBWire) -- 09/22/2015 --Local anesthesia is considered broadly preferably to general anesthetic for dental procedures because it allows patients to retain consciousness enabling them to get themselves home from their appointment safely and without necessary supervision. However, local anesthetic can cause long lasting numbness that results in biting, chewing and scratching of the affected area which can cause significant damage and even risk infection. Josey Lane Dentistry is enabling individuals to get the best of both worlds by providing OraVerse, which reverses the anesthetic process.

OraVerse is a breakthrough treatment that enables dentists to eradicate any numbness that follows routine dental procedures. The treatment is designed for vasoconstrictor anesthetics, and brings back sensation twice as fast in clinical trials. This treatment aims to remove a major obstacle from the dental process for patients.

Josey Lane Dentistry specializes in the practice of sedation dentistry, and this is just the latest innovation they have implemented on behalf of patients to make their experience painless, relaxed and productive. OraVerse is now available for any procedure requiring local anesthetic.

A spokesperson for Josey Lane Dentistry explained, "OraVerse is a brand new product designed to help people regain sensation in their anesthetized areas far more quickly than they would without treatment, which reduces the risk of some associated side effects of local anesthetic. We are pleased to be able to continue to offer the very latest dental innovations to our patients and take pride in bringing world leading dentistry to a local Texas community. We look forward to being able to treat future patients with OraVerse and help relieve the lingering numbness that can make dental work uncomfortable."

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