Personal Growth Plan Coach Dr. Trevicia Williams Shares Communication Lessons from Donald Trump

The core of effective self-improvement is communication. Personal growth plan coach Dr. Trevicia Williams looks at self-improvement through the lens of presidential candidate Donald Trumps’ comments and offers communication tips on ways to co-exist more harmoniously.

Dallas, TX -- (SBWire) -- 09/25/2015 --On the heels of Donald Trump coming under fire for the way he handled a question that was asked during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, personal growth plan coach Dr. Trevicia Williams shares communication lessons that can be learned from his comments in the light of September being self-improvement month.

"At the expense of continued threats to Americans' quality of life, morals and values, what we're watching is an egregious failure to communicate effectively. Even silence, speculation, misspoken words, and, failure to properly address facts are forms of communication that can cause conflict," said Dr. Williams.

There are some parallels in the famous quote: "What we've got here is failure to communicate" from Strother Martin's script in the vintage film "Cool Hand Luke" that ranks No. 11 on the American Film Institute's greatest quotes of all time and Donald Trump's comments during the infamous town hall meeting in New Hampshire.

One of the culprits is ineffective communication. More often than not, failure to communicate effectively leads to conflict which can be detrimental to progress and success. Improving communication in your personal and work relationships requires an awareness, skill and diligence. Whether it's a presidential campaign, business or personal matter, everyone can improve the way they interact with others. Here are a few communication tips:

Skill is key: In all of your getting get understanding is not just inspired words from the bible. They are words to live and succeed by. Most people have to work at gaining and honing quality communication skills. It takes skills to respectfully share your views and concerns while being authentic as you listen to others. Habit number 5 of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Seek first to understand then to be understood also resonates concerning this point.

Perspective: Agreeing to disagree is oftentimes the most promising outcome when views are so different. Being aware of cultural, religious and age differences, during interactions with others can have a meaningful effect on the understanding you get. For example, it's highly probable that an American elder, an upset teenager, and, a French entrepreneur, will use nonverbal communication differently. It's important to discover a resolve that responds to the desires, necessities and perspectives of each person.

Personality conflict: Premium news networks, including MSNBC, CNN, and, Fox aired Trump's town hall meeting in New Hampshire live; entertainment was a huge factor. However, while it's not always possible for everyone to "just get along," entertainment at the expense of faith, facts, truth and other serious issues that shape the way we co-exist should be avoided.

Speculation: Rumors and gossip are leading causes of conflict. Failure to communicate the truth and facts causes problems. Truth should take precedent over whatever personal gain at hand. When speculations are not properly addressed, people begin to spread untruths which leads to division, uncertainty, and, demolition of soundness. Swiftly addressing the person's concerns can greatly minimize conflict.

Body Language: Both positive and negative body language say 1,000 words without uttering one. Being aware of facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and, such can have a powerful effect on the way your communication is perceived and processed.

"No doubt Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina and Senator John McCain took Trumps' comments about them personal as he continues to unapologetically storm through towns. It's a good example of how communication is about getting an understanding regarding the intentions associated with both verbal and nonverbal interactions with others. Positive and negative, verbal and nonverbal, America is getting the Trump factor in the 2016 presidential campaign," said Dr. Williams.

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