Disruptive UK Start-Up Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Wearable Underwater Jet Pack

Portsmouth, UK -- (SBWire) -- 09/29/2015 --The x2 Sport might look like something you would expect to see in big budget Hollywood superhero movie, but this revolutionary underwater jet pack, the creation of brothers Simon & Chris Parke, is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo with a production launch set for 2016.

"I've always been adventurous and I love being under the water and whilst there has been immense growth within action sports, I felt that underwater activities were getting left behind and overlooked." said Simon. "The genesis of the jet pack was a desire to recreate the extreme experience only available whilst skydiving in an underwater setting." Comprising of a compact backpack connected to a pair of powerful hydro-jet powered cuffs worn on the forearms, the x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack allows anyone to live out their superhero fantasies and fly underwater.

Two years ago the Portsmouth based start-up gained global attention when footage of an early prototype of their invention was released on the internet. Since then the brothers have been hard at work refining the solution which has culminated in the x2 Sport, the worlds first extreme performance wearable underwater jet pack launching on IndieGoGo. The opportunity to develop their products with the support of the crowd was a crucial deciding factor when Simon and Chris committed to starting their new business 4 years ago.

"The interest sparked by our prototype really spurred us on and we've spent the last two years optimising our design and getting ourselves to a production ready state. Our patented thruster design ensures that pound for pound the x2 Sport is the most powerful system available and we have only just began to explore it's potential," said Simon Parke, Inventor and co-founder of S.C.P. Marine Innovation. "The weightless environment underwater provides amazing potential and freedom of movement, we're still learning what you can do with the x2 Sport. With more than 40kg of thrust and a top speed exceeding 6mph we can't wait to see what happens when we get them out in to peoples hands, we think there could be a new extreme sport in the making here."

Designed and developed in-house by the two brothers, the x2 Sport is almost entirely 3D Printed in super tough resilient ABS. "Over the past four years we've become experts in 3D printing," said Chris Parke, a naval architect, co-founder of S.C.P.M.I and the engineer behind the jet pack. "We're able to design and manufacture components that simply wouldn't be possible with conventional techniques. Adopting the latest technologies has enabled us to implement rapid development methodologies you'd generally only see in a software house."

The result of their efforts is a revolutionary high performance propulsion system that gives swimmers, snorkelers and free-divers a new way to explore the underwater environment, allowing users fly around underwater at speed and perform freestyle underwater acrobatics.

S.C.P. Marine Innovation has released its campaign on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website (www.indiegogo.com). The retail price of the x2 Sport is set at £199 (approx $3000) but is available now on Indiegogo at an early bird price of £1300 ($2000).

Full details about the underwater jet pack are available on Indiegogo: http://bit.ly/1KP2KIQ

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S.C.P. Marine Innovation Limited is a Portsmouth based start-up founded by Simon and Chris Parke and dedicated to the design and manufacturer of marine leisure products for the action sports and super yacht market.

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