The Actors Hall of Fame Names 20 Dramatic Arts Pioneers in Theatre, Film, Television and Allied Arts

Culver City, CA -- (SBWire) -- 09/30/2015 --This year 20 industry visionaries will be honored by The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation as part of its Drama Week-2015 Induction celebration; it was announced today by Rusty Citron, President of The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation.

The Dramatic Arts Pioneers are recognized for their ground breaking achievement and leadership of Dramatic Arts around the world. Among this year's Dramatic Arts Pioneers are leaders that most people know, and a few some may have never heard of before today.

The 2015 Actors Hall of Fame Dramatic Arts Pioneers:

William Charles Macready
Lee Shubert
Sam Shubert
Jacob Shubert
Laura Keene

Motion Pictures:
Auguste & Louis Lumière
Marcus Loew
D.W. Griffith
Samuel Goldwyn
Adolph Zukor

John Logie Baird
Allen B. Du Mont
Philo Farnsworth
David Sarnoff
William Paley
Allied Fields:

Constantin Stanislavski William Morris
Abe Lastfogel
Max Factor

"We believe it's important that everyone in dramatic arts remember we stand on their shoulders. These leaders... 19 Men and 1 Woman.... through their vision, tenacity, dedication and ambition created an industry unique in all the world. They are responsible for starting and building theatre, film, television and allied arts we have today." Citron said in making the announcement.

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