The Captured Unveils the City of Gatlinburg's Very First Room Escape Adventure Game

Room escape adventure games are gaining popularity in cities across the country. Learn more about how The Captured is finally bringing the phenomenon to Gatlinburg at

Gatlinburg, TN -- (SBWire) -- 10/14/2015 --According to the Entertainment Software Association, video games are a 22 billion dollar industry. In addition, Statista reports that 165 million people regularly play games on their mobile phones, with children spending an average of 7 hours per week on smartphone games. Looking at these statistics, it would be easy to conclude that the United States is a culture immersed in the virtual world with decreasing amounts of face-to-face contact between humans.

In response to this growing trend, The Captured - A Live Escape Experience is getting on board with a very different growing trend – one that brings humans together instead of allowing them to get stuck in their own virtual worlds. On October 21st, 2015, The Captured will be unveiling a brand new escape room adventure game. This will be Gatlinburg's first venture into the expanding "real escape room" market.

Eric Hensley, a representative of The Captured - A Live Escape Experience, stated "The basic premise of an escape room adventure game is that a small group of people who are trapped in one room together must work with each other to find a way out. These games are typically centered around a concept or story that players must imagine they are a part of. In this particular Gatlinburg Escape Room Game, a group of tourists have been invited to a banquet hosted by the Craft family. What they don't know is that this family has a history of cannibalism, and what they really want to do is feast on their human flesh. That provides the incentive for the group to get out as quickly as possible."

Hensley goes on to say, "What started out as a digital gaming phenomenon has now spilled over into the real world. The Captured is proud to be bringing the very first room escape game to the residents and visitors of Gatlinburg. They'll have a chance to put down their phones and video game controllers and work together with other people toward a common goal. These games are fun but challenging, and getting out of the room is really going to require everyone's wit, skill, and courage."

"This team has put their heart and soul into making The Captured Escape Room Game something that we believe Gatlinburg will truly enjoy. The game presents a chance for people to connect and really use their analytical skillset. It's a unique concept that's catching on in a lot of places, and we don't want this great town to miss out on the adventure."

About The Captured - A Live Escape Experience
The Captured is an interactive live escape game located at the base of the Gatlinburg Space Needle. The game's storyline is centered around the Craft family, a group of cannibals who prey on unwitting tourists making their way to the Smoky Mountains. After realizing that the banquet invitation they've received is actually an invitation to be feasted on by the family, visitors will have to use their wits, skill, and every bit of courage to escape the trap and get themselves back to safety.

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