Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers Create Forearm Strength for Increased Endurance

Sanford, NC -- (SBWire) -- 10/19/2015 --Forearm strength is important for a multitude of activities, from weight lifting to opening recalcitrant jar lids. Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the company's hand grippers offer one of the most effective resistance tools available for developing forearm strength that's essential for conducting everyday activities.

"If forearm strength has been compromised for any reason, it will affect grip, dexterity and functionality in the fingers, hands and wrists," said Currey.

Athletes are cognizant of the importance of forearm strength in workouts, training and competition, but it's equally applicable for everyday tasks at home, work and play. Forearm strength, finger dexterity and hand grip are intertwined and the use of hand grippers works all those areas for improved functionality..

A strong forearm provides endurance, grip strength and improved performance for a diverse range of seemingly simple tasks that include washing dishes to such extreme hobbies as rock climbing. Forearm strength aids in reducing the risk of injury, improves dexterity, and helps in sports related pursuits.

Hand grippers are beneficial for alleviating the pain of arthritis, maintaining bone strength and offer one of the best resistance tools available for building forearm strength. Stronger forearms facilitate quicker healing should an injury occur. Weakness in the forearms can also result in injuries and conditions that may affect the nerves and blood flow.

One of the problems many individuals encounter is the need to purchase multiple hand grippers in graduating strengths to accommodate varying levels of functionality within the hands. The Supreme Squeeze hand grippers offer 66 lbs. of pressure and foam rubber grips provide a secure and comfortable grip.

About Supreme Squeeze
Supreme Squeeze hand grippers are sold in sets of two and each purchase is accompanied by free tips and exercise ideas to build strength in the forearms, wrists, hands and fingers. Small, compact and portable, they can be taken along to be used anywhere and have the added benefit of relieving stress.

Available exclusively on Amazon, the hand grippers by Supreme Squeeze are appropriate for men and women. Created with high-carbon steel, they're an affordable resistance tool to build forearm strength necessary to accomplish everyday tasks. Exercising the forearms develops endurance, coordination and control, enhances grip strength and improves dexterity for any activity.

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