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5 Benefits of physical activities at Quro Health Studio, Glebe

Glebe, Sydney -- (SBWire) -- 05/02/2016 --Long working hours, addiction to gadgets like smart phones and tablets have made the life of most people sedentary. Physical activities can develop the inner strength of any individual. To help assist clients become physically and mentally strong, the instructors at the Quro Health Studio, Glebe teach a variety of exercise forms that provide mental and social benefit.

According to Business Review Australia, the Fitness industry is generating an average revenue of one billion dollars annually. The number of Fitness centres in Australia is 2,856 and provides employment to more than 17,000 people. Another survey from the United Nations reveals that Australia ranks fifth on the obesity chart. The same survey also confirms that studios like Quro Health Studio Glebe can help curtail the health care costs by $108 million a year. Research from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine suggests that regular exercise can increase longevity of a person's life by an average of almost five years.

The list of advantages that a person can experience by performing physical activities on a regular basis include:

Exercise controls weight. Exercise can stimulate an individual's metabolism and as a result weight issues can be controlled. Engagement in physical activities assists a person to burn calories and shed weight. By working out under the supervision of trainers at the Quro Health Studio Glebe, people get an opportunity to become healthy and remain energetic throughout the day.

Physical activities combat health conditions and diseases. Regular physical activities can reduce the chances of a person falling victim to a variety of health problems like stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and depression.

Daily work outs uplift the mood of a person. It is an observed fact that working out at a gym or taking a 30 minute brisk walk can lift a person emotionally. These activities release serotonin in the brain which reduces emotional stress and anxiety. A person's self-confidence can be improved along with their self-esteem.

Exercises boost up energy. Regular work out sessions at the Quro Health Studio Glebe improve muscle strength and can boost the endurance of an individual. Various forms of exercise enhance the whole process of oxygen delivery and nutrients to the tissues and as a consequence cardiovascular systems work more efficiently.

Physical activities promote better sleep. Getting sound sleep is of critical importance when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Lack of sleep affects physical and mental health tremendously. Regular exercise allows a person to fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep.

It is said that healthy minds reside in healthy bodies. By practising various forms of exercise at Quro Health Studio Glebe, individuals get a change to craft a healthier way of life.

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