Calls for Tighter Legislation After Air Rifle Misuse

Cardigan, Ceredigion -- (SBWire) -- 11/18/2015 --Air guns are largely used responsibly in the UK – especially as part of sport and pistol shooting – yet a minority o those in possession of the guns are behaving irresponsibly. According to the Blue Cross, the amount of cats who have been shot by pellets from air weapons has doubled in the space of a year. The charity is calling for tighter restrictions on the sale of air guns after the devastating injuries that the charity has seen.

It's important to know that you don't need a licence to own an air gun, but the law makes no distinction between air guns and more powerful weapons as they're all classed as firearms. Air rifles are more commonly used for sports such as target practice, clay pigeon shooting and skirmishes, but there seems to have been an increase in people using them irresponsibly, resulting in injuries to pets.

The Blue Cross has called for tighter legislation on the sale of air rifles and air guns due to the amount of harm that's come to local pets.

About Sports Guns UK
Sports Guns UK are providers of varying different air guns and rifles and wanted to comment on the news: "Air guns should not, under any circumstances be used to injure domestic pets. The fact they have been is greatly upsetting to us as providers of the guns, but we stress they must be used for recreational purposes only. If used properly, they can provide hours of fun and teach discipline, but they should never be used maliciously. We provide full safety advice on the sale of any gun."

If you're interested in taking up shooting as a sport you can visit Sports Guns UK via their website listed below to view their extensive range and read all about their safety procedures.

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