Probiotics Are Set to Change the Way We Think About Skincare

Eastbourne, England -- (SBWire) -- 11/25/2015 --Skin products are always changing, with innovative new ways to treat topical skin conditions being introduced by cosmetic companies. The newest treatments to hit the market are topical Probiotics; which has existing companies such as Happy Kombucha greatly enthused about their positivity. It has long been known that probiotics, good bacteria for the gut, have been helping digestive and intestinal problems for many years. It's now come to light that probiotics can help skin repair and rejuvenate too.

Probiotics are known for fighting inflammation in the gut, and the anti-inflammatory goodness can benefit skin also. If applied topically, probiotics limit microorganism growth on the skin. It acidifies the environment and helps to combat inflammation and harmful bacteria that can cause skin conditions which are irritable and sore.

Probiotic drinks made from grains or seeds are beneficial for families, including children. Probiotics are typically natural health supplements that can provide a cost effective way to gain all the goodness and benefits you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Using the products on skin is increasingly recognised as having significant benefits.

About Happy Kombucha
Happy Kombucha are providers of probiotic drinks and help promote natural goodness found in probiotics. They provide all the components you need to make your own healthy drinks to encourage healthy digestion. They were keen to comment on topical use of probiotics, a spokesperson for the company said: "It's no surprise that probiotics are good for the skin, they have excellent health benefits and we've been providers of live cultures to make probiotic drinks for years."

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