Supreme Squeeze Announces Black Friday Specials

Sanford, NC -- (SBWire) -- 11/25/2015 --Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the company will be offering a 15 percent discount on its hand grippers on Black Friday only. The Black Friday sale marks the last opportunity consumers will have to experience this type of savings before the Christmas rush.

"Beginning an exercise program with hand grippers now can prevent problems with grip strength throughout your lifetime," said Currey.

Most people think of hand grippers as a method for rehabilitation or a tool for athletes. Hand grippers are a strength training device that strengthens the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. They aid in strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons for fine motor control and are appropriate for men and women of all ages.

Grip strength begins to decline in the 20s and rapidly deteriorates in the 50s and 60s. It's a time when individuals have less grip strength, begin to have more health-related concerns, and experience difficulties in cognition, memory and clarity. Research has demonstrated that grip strength is an accurate indicator of a person's health.

Science has documented that using hand grippers has physical and mental benefits. Research has shown that grip strength is an early indicator of health problems and that the devices are effective for alleviating anxiety, depression and dementia. Hand gripper exercises even offer a type of activity that can be beneficial for the heart.

Weak hand strength has an impact on health in unsuspected ways. Individuals may miss doses of their medication or not take it at all if they can't open the bottles. The situation presents a critical healthcare concern and lack of grip strength can prevent an individual from turning an ignition key or opening doors, seriously impairing their ability to live independently.

Grip strength in the dominant hand of a person in their 30s is typically 78.6 for women and 121.8 lbs. for men. It only requires 20 lbs. of grip strength to perform most tasks and since the loss of strength declines slowly, it typically goes unnoticed until significant loss is present.

About Supreme Squeeze hand grippers
Supreme Squeeze hand grippers have 66 lbs. of resistance to keep hands, wrists and forearms healthy, strong and stable. The foam hand grips ensure comfort and they're constructed of carbon-hardened steel for durability. Sold in sets of two, free bonus exercise and tips accompany each purchase.

The Black Friday deal offered by Supreme Squeeze provides consumers with the last savings opportunity until the Christmas shopping season begins. The company is offering a 15 percent discount on each purchase, enabling customers to treat themselves to improved grip strength and health.

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