Casting New Lives Has Signed Author and Clairvoyant Steve Mugglestone! Limited Engagements Available

Clairvoyant and author Steve Mugglestone has signed with Casting New Lives! Steve is available for limited engagements in 2011 and will soon release his new book, The Awakening, on his discovery of spiritual awareness!

Temecula, CA -- (SBWire) -- 11/16/2010 -- Casting New Lives is excited to announce the signing of the internationally acclaimed Medium and Author Steve Mugglestone!

“We are happy to add Steve to our roster”, says Brinka Rauh of Casting New Lives. Steve has gained fame with his uncanny ability to touch people in ways no one else can. His mastery in Clairvoyance field is phenomenal. Steve’s soon to be released book, “The Awakening” will tell of his life’s journey and how his abilities have touched the lives of many.

Steve will be bringing his Physic Medium Event: An Evening of Clairvoyance with Steve Mugglestone to the United States for limited engagements in 2011. Steve’s first event will be February 22nd at The Merch, in Temecula CA.

For booking information please contact: or call 858 375 5751.

International Medium, Visionary, Spiritual Healer and Author

Steve is a Natural Medium Clairvoyant who is passionate about bringing truths and comfort to people via the Spirit realm, by sharing his knowledge gifts and abilities. From One to One Readings to large audiences Steve feels obliged and privileged to help. And we, at Casting New Lives, are proud to announce Steve’s arrival from the UK to the United States!

Casting New Lives is ready to begin booking Steve for events around the U.S. beginning February 2011. Being naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, spirit messages can arrive to him in many forms, on occasions he knows of their presence by smell and taste also. He is very gifted in psychometrics; by holding items Steve is usually able to reveal their history. Also being a medium this more often than not, links him into the spirit realm where a reunion of souls often occurs. Looking above a candle flame, fire or at water he can see visions of future events with amazing accuracy. Visions also arrive periodically. Steve is known for his compassion, validations within one to one readings and shows. He travels across lands and seas sharing his gifts. Steve, above all, hopes to help spread knowledge, where spirituality and science can merge to create a better wisdom for all beings. Steve Mugglestone is truly dedicated to raising spiritual awareness.

Steve’s soon to be released book, The Awakening, is his Amazing Tue Life Story of a Journey of Self Discovery into the Light of Our Spirit World.

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