Smith Law Firm Provides Forceful Representation in Wrongful Death and Car Accident Cases

Operating from St. Louis, Missouri, Smith Law Firm is one of the leading law firms that provides forceful representation in different cases, including wrongful death, car accident, dog bites and more, to its clients.

St. Louis, MO -- (SBWire) -- 02/09/2016 --Whether a person is accused or an interested party is looking to recover claim in a wrongful case, they need a strong representation to prove their point or grounds and win the case in any court. Providing forceful representation for individuals in the court, Smith Law Firm is a professional law firm that provides rational and dedicated legal representation on a wide range of cases, such as car accidents, wrongful deaths, dog bites and many more. Established in 2006, the law firm offers legal representation to individuals coming from diverse backgrounds and helps them win verdicts regardless of their social or economic conditions.

Shedding light on the legal assistance in automobile accident cases on offer, one of the senior attorneys working with Smith Law Firm in a recent interview asserted, "With the increasing number of automobile accidents, many clients reach out to us to file a lawsuit or process their claim with the insurance company. We provide a strong representation to our clients and assist them in establishing a payment schedule or hold on the medical billing. We also negotiate with the physician and medical services provider to keep medical bills of our client as low as possible. For car accident cases, we charge usual automobile accident contingent fee between 20% and 50% based on the complexity of the case."

Owned and managed by an experienced attorney Neil Smith, the law firm follows every case closely, which has helped them reverse many convictions for individuals charged wrongfully. Under the competent leadership of Neil Smith, who maintains a high ethical standard in every case, Smith Law Firm provides expert legal representation in virtually every county in the State of Missouri. The high moral ground of the law firm is evident with the fact that it refrains from engaging in paid advertising. All the work it receives comes either from attorneys and client researches or recommendations from the existing and former clients.

Talking about the wrongful death cases, the senior attorney further stated, "Usually, wrongful death cases are very sensitive to deal with, as in most of these cases, death of a person occurs due to unintentional behavior or negligence of the accused. We, at Smith Law Firm, make sure to recover the appropriate compensation from the accused person or party or insurance company for dependents or the interested party. Our experienced and expert team of attorneys closely monitors the terms/conditions of medical institute and insurance firms, and prepares a strong case covering all the aspects to help our clients receive an authentic compensation."

The law firm represents clients with diverse legal issues, whether anticipated or pending, pertaining to personal injury, insurance disputes, construction defects, wrongful death, product liability, premises liability, and more. Clients looking for an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney expert can rely on Smith Law Firm for a strong representation. For those who are looking for St. Louis wrongful death attorney, Smith Law Firm has an experienced team with the experience and expertise in recovering compensation.

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Owned and managed by Neil Smith, the Smith Law Firm is a reputed law firm that offers strong representation to individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds in the court. People seeking experienced dog bite attorney in St. Louis can trust Smith Law Firm for a forceful representation in the court.

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