Northern Californian Company Aims to Ensure Safe Play for Children

Also reduces liability and lawsuit risk for facility owners/operators

Dublin, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/09/2015 --Owning and/or managing a playground or sports field is not without risk – and unfortunately, the typical owners of these facilities (schools, local city councils, and charitable organizations) can easily be bankrupted if they are found negligent and liable for a serious injury at their facility.

That's why Northern California company Safe 2 Play is proud to announce new safety surface head injury criterion (HIC) and G-max (G-force)testing for surface hardness on playgrounds and sports fields.

While California has strict laws codifying the safety standards required of playgrounds and sports fields, ultimately it is the owner/operator who is responsible for all aspects of the inspection, testing and ongoing maintenance of their surface system to ensure compliance with those laws. Failure to follow California's standards at any stage can render owners and operators out of compliance with the law and can result in a preventable injury, a finding of negligence, and therefore liability – which can lead to lawsuits costing thousands.

About Craig Faitel, Safe 2 Play President
Safe 2 Play President Craig Faitel has worked as a consultant with all types of organizations for more than 25 years. Craig's primary goal is making play safer for kids on the playgrounds and sports fields. He is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) accredited by the National Recreation and Park Association, and is also a member of the National Playground Builders Association.

"Almost 211,000 children make a visit to the emergency room after an accident on a playground or sports field each year, and 15% of those visits are for head injuries," says Faitel. "Since head injuries can be the most traumatic and damaging injuries a child can sustain, our new surface hardness testing – utilizing the state-of-the-art Triax 2015 ATSM certified drop test – is simply the best way that owners and operators of playgrounds can be sure they are compliant with HIC and G-Max standards and both ensure the safety of children using their facility and reduce their liability and risk of a law suit." The "A" Missile is used for Sports Field testing.

For more information on playground and sports field safety and Safe 2 Play's certified testing methods, contact Craig Faitel, president of Safe 2 Play - Certified Matters.

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