Dr. Reid Understands the Plight of Patients with Sensitive Teeth


Truckee, CA -- (SBWire) -- 12/16/2015 --If an individual has sensitive, painful teeth, he/she needs to make an appointment to see the dentist to find out what is causing the sensitivity. The dentist will examine the teeth, determine the cause of the teeth sensitivity, and recommend a proper treatment plan.

Dr. Reid will check a person's teeth for sensitivity to cold, air, or heat. He will want to know if the patient eats foods that are high in acid such as soda, chocolate and coffee. Other foods that tend to cause more acidity include grains, sugar, dairy products, fish, processed foods, and meats like corned beef and smoked turkey. Also, mention any stomach problems such as reflux that may bring acid into the mouth.

"You may also want to avoid high-phosphorus drinks like beer or hot chocolate made from cocoa mix packets. Mineral sodas or sparkling water can be a good substitute. If you do wish to drink alcohol, go with lower phosphorus red or white wine," states Dr. Don Reid.

A complete examination by Dr. Reid will determine the cause of the painful sensitivity. Dr. Reid says, "I will look inside your mouth to check for decayed teeth and if needed, x-rays will be taken. You may also be checked for signs of teeth grinding or clenching." Many times excessive tooth grinding and clenching at night is a major factor in teeth sensitivity.

Dr. Reid may start out with a special oral hygiene program for home care, but he may also suggest professional treatment or recommend using a fluoride rinse or gel.

The following are treatments that Dr. Reid may suggest:

- Stabilizing the bite or occlusion with either minor bite recontouring or a night guard
- Recommend desensitizing toothpaste
- Apply special chemicals to the sensitive areas.
- Fill cavities or deep grooves in any exposed root.
- Apply a fluoride varnish to the root surface

The teeth can become sensitive again. Be sure to follow the home-care treatment plan. Although it doesn't work for everyone, the vast majority of people are delighted to find they can go back to enjoying all the frozen desserts and ice-cold drinks they've been avoiding.

From his initial entry into the field of dentistry, Dr. Reid has strived to do his best to provide the exceptional dental care he feels his patients deserve.

To make an appointment with Dr. Reid call, 530-587-9560.

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