Anthem and Motto Unveiled to Wrap Up United International College's Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

Zhuhai, Guangdong -- (SBWire) -- 12/30/2015 --Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) celebrated their tenth anniversary as well as unveiling their new college anthem and motto.

People from all walks of life gathered together, including representatives from the Zhuhai city government, the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) council, Beijing Normal University (BNU), current students and alumni, parents, corporates and staff members who have supported UIC.

A number of classical songs as well as the newly created UIC Anthem, its melody and lyrics being entirely composed by UIC staff members, were performed by the UIC Orchestra and Choir.

UIC's President Prof Ng Ching-Fai also announced the motto of UIC: "In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person", which expresses the ideals, spirits and values that the community of the college upholds.

"We just heard the premiere of the college anthem which includes lyrics such as "together we will work as one", "to serve our country and the world", and "we humbly serve and redesign a bustling future for mankind". I hope every UICer will bear the motto and the anthem in mind and examine yourselves when you are reaching this goal." Prof Ng said in his keynote address.

He recalled the idea of establishing the first liberal arts university in China with Prof Xu Jialu in 2003. They both believed that UIC would be developed into a world first-class liberal arts college with Chinese characteristics; an addition to the country's diversified higher education system. "I think the most successful achievement is that UIC has gained wide recognition from students and parents. Our graduates have become the best representatives of our college." He added.

Ms Luo Zhuoheng was amongst the first batch of 244 graduates of UIC. She has also been passing down whole person education at the Voluntary Service Development Center (VSDC), Whole Person Education Office (WPEO). "VSDC has been providing voluntary opportunities to over 4,600 students ever since its establishment. I profoundly believe our mission is to foster students to become active and responsible in servant leadership," said Ms Luo.

In the other speeches made by a representative from the government who is also a parent of a UIC student, chairman of student union and alumni representatives reflected the college's firm and united faith in liberal arts and whole person education. They all endorsed UIC for its interactive education process, pursuit of knowledge, morals and values, in addition to a high level of student-teacher rapport, mentorship and collaboration.

To start the grand finale, a ten-month video production by the students of UIC's Cinema and Television Programme was played, featuring captures of UIC's scenic campus views, courses and activities, as well as people with smiles on their faces.

Innovation, versatility and teacher-student collaboration were then shown in the long and well-practiced performances. It took six months for students of different years and majors with their teachers from the three divisions to prepare We Walk Together. It was sung in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and the theme song for the drama was composed by two UIC graduates.

The other half of the night was reserved for staff awards presentations. Dr MilenJissov and Ms Ji Chunyan received the President's Award for Teaching and Service for Academic Staff, and 28 staff members were given the Long Service Award for their decade-long contributions.

Also at the concert was an exhibit of a collection of winning images and photographs that were taken by both students and staff from the "Capture UIC in Your Frame" photo contest.

The series of UIC Tenth Anniversary Celebration commenced on 13 May, 2015. It was a hiking tour to the new campus called "New Horizon Walk", followed by hours of reflecting upon UIC related events in the past several months.

About UIC
Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, which is usually abbreviated to UIC, is the first liberal arts college in Mainland China that has been built in Zhuhai. UIC was founded in 2005 when Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University decided to create an environment with a mission to build a new model for liberal education in Mainland China as well as to nurture talented future graduates with international perspectives. English is the medium at UIC and this is made possible by having teaching staff from more than 20 countries. At the moment there are about 5000 students attending UIC from China, Hong Kong and overseas.

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