Cloud1network, an IT Support Company in Fresno California Discusses PC Repair Rip-Offs: Don't Get Gouged by Fix-It Services

Computers don't always work as they should. Components fail, and operating systems fill up with crap that hinders performance and occasionally brings the whole machine to a halt. Savvy users know that they can fix most PC problems themselves, and use sites like to find solutions to their tech problems. Those who lack confidence in their tech skills, however, often fall prey to the rapacious tactics of online and local repair shops.


Fresno, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/04/2016 --Lest our local geeks-for-hire take we for a ride (or fleece someone we love), we've rounded up a representative sampling of typical repair-shop services to help we sort the rip-offs from the reasonable deals.

Cloud1metwprl in this article, we'll explore some of the most common offerings we'll find at repair shops large and small. These aren't scams, to be sure--as far as we know, these are all legitimate services from legitimate businesses. But the actual value of these services--relative to the work involved and the likely benefit to the consumer--can be highly questionable in many cases.

PC Tune-Ups
Just about every repair shop I've encountered offers some kind of "tune-up" service that promises to improve our PC's performance by deleting temporary files, defragmenting our hard drive, removing unused applications, running Windows Update, and (in many cases) cleaning the Windows Registry. These services often cost $50 to $100, but generally they don't do anything useful that we couldn't do ourself with a free download and some utilities that come with our PC.

Before we shell out a hundred bucks, think about what this service entails: Windows comes with a utility called Disk Cleanup that will delete temporary files for we with a few measly mouse clicks. Disk Defragmenter--another built-in Windows tool--typically runs automatically on a weekly basis, but we can launch it ourself by going to Accessories, Utilities and clicking Defragment Disk. Windows Update also runs automatically by default, but we can click Start, type Windows Update in the search field, and run it ourself on command.

If we have a bunch of programs we don't use, launch the 'Programs and Features' utility from the Control Panel and weed them out by clicking on them and selecting Uninstall from the menu above the main window. Or download Revo Uninstaller, a proven freebie that does a bang-up job of pulling out all the detritus that Windows' uninstaller often leaves behind.

As for Registry cleaners, we recommend avoiding them entirely. Although the premise that removing unneeded Registry entries can speed up our PC is basically sound, there's little evidence that it works in practice, and we can easily do more harm than good when we go mucking about in the Registry.

Not counting the time we'll spend waiting for Disk Defragmenter and Windows Update to automatically do their thing, the total amount of time a relative novice should take to perform all these tune-up tasks is about 15 minutes. So save our money, and check out "Speed Up Everything," our easy guide to giving a computer a performance boost without paying for dubious services.

Setup Services
$150 to help install this OVER THE PHONE? That's just crazy.

Buying a new PC, printer, or monitor? Most major retailers will now happily offer to take as much as $200 off our hands to come to our house, pull the machine out of the box, plug it in, and load the setup disc (if indeed one exists). One well-known national chain charges $150 to help we set up our new printer over the phone. That's highway robbery.

Unless we're physically unable to lift the hardware onto our desk, don't even think about paying good money for 10 minutes of cable connecting and menu surfing. Most new displays and printers will simply start working in Windows just moments after we plug them in, even without installing their setup discs. And a new PC will walk we through the registration and Internet-connection process with such careful hand-holding that it's inconceivable we'd require a pro's help.

When we buy a new PC, many stores will offer to transfer all our data from our old machine to the new one--for as much as $100. But if we're moving from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7, Microsoft's free Windows Easy Transfer utility can make the job a no-brainer for any DIYer. If a shop offers to transfer our data for less than the cost of a $20 Easy Transfer cable, go for it. Otherwise, consider doing it at home.

If we do feel like we need a hand, just about any neighbor kid over the age of 10 will be able to do the job, and will probably accept a 10-spot for the trouble.

Hardware Upgrades
For someone who has never opened their system's case, contemplating a RAM, hard drive, or graphics card upgrade can be intimidating. Although we make the process pretty foolproof with our guides to upgrading desktops, laptops, and netbooks, we would never blame a novice for seeking an expert's help in upgrading a PC's internal components. Just don't let the repair shop gouge we.

While we encourage anyone to at least consider installing new RAM on their own (it's insanely easy--the modules just snap right in), the most we can imagine paying for such a service is about $20. Of course, many major shops now charge a flat rate of $50 to $60 for any component installation, so a 2-minute RAM installation will cost as much as a 20-minute graphics card installation.

The biggest thing to watch for with hardware upgrades is overpriced hardware. Before we go down to the shop, check prices online for the hardware we're buying. For instance, 4GB of RAM shouldn't cost more than $70, and 8GB goes for less than $150. So when we see a store charging $600 for an 8GB RAM upgrade, we'd do well to shop around a little more.

Data Recovery
Hard drives can fail. Houses can burn down. Human error can result in lost data. When these things happen, we may find ourself weeping over the loss of all our digital photos, our music collection, essential business information, and more.

Professional data-recovery companies can typically get all of our lost data back for we (even from a fire-damaged hard drive), but we can expect to pay in the thousands for the service. It may sound like a rip-off, but these companies use advanced computer forensics systems that are wildly expensive in their own right and require deep technical expertise that we won't find at the tech shop down the street.

The best way to avoid finding ourself at the mercy of data-recovery services is to back up our PC often, using a cloud-based service such as BackBlaze, Mozy, or Trend Micro SafeSync. By frequently backing up to a remote service, we'll always have a recent copy of all our data in a secure location. If our hard drive fails, our computer burns up in a fire, or someone runs off with our laptop, we can get every bit of data back all by ourself. Compared with the cost of professional data recovery, $60 a year for online backup is a bargain.

The Breaking Point
Depending on the age and value of our PC, it may not be worthwhile to upgrade or repair anything at all. If our machine is more than three years old, we generally don't recommend spending more than a hundred bucks for RAM and a new hard drive. And once we reach the $200 price range, we're probably spending more than our computer is worth. With good budget desktops now selling for as little as $500, it's reasonable to at least consider replacing our old system before spending good money on any upgrade or repair.

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Good online technical support is provided by technicians who are prepared to do more than solve their immediate problem. By creating rapport with customers and understanding their exact needs an effective technician will be able to identify a holistic and sustainable solution to their computing needs. Because technicians have wide general experience in working with computer problems they are able to help them understand the technology in front of them and find ways to improve how they use it.

Online PC support service
The Internet allows for a technician to remotely log into our PC and through a "remote desktop" and work on our computer even they they may be sitting on the other side of the world. This technology saves time and money as a computer technician does not have to come all the way to their business to try and solve their IT problem.

Types of online PC support
Email support – PC support technicians will read our email and reply with a solution. This is usually handled by a "ticketing" system, also known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows we to track the progress of our query.

Chat support – A lot of online PC support companies rely on having operating available to chat with customers online. Some companies specialize in providing an outsourced chat program so that a support company can focus on providing a service rather than building their own technology infrastructure.

Telephonic support – this is probably the most traditional method of online support. By calling a centre we are able to speak directly with a technician. Of course sometimes a call center can be overloaded which can lead to frustrating delays while we wait for our call to answered.

Support and sales
When we're considering purchasing computer hardware we should always first check that the company offers at least some sort of ongoing support. Competitive companies will provide this as a value-added service and we'll find that the ability to get help and advice becomes an indispensable part of our business success.

IT support Fresno, has been providing IT support services to the businesses of Fresno for over 10 years. We care about the partnerships we build. Many of our clients have been with us from day one. We consider ourselves more than just an IT company. We consider ourselves part of their team.

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We are able to offer both fast and efficient on- site and remote support.

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We offer a wide range of IT support packages for the businesses of Fresno. Our IT support packages are designed to suit businesses of all sizes. Each package is scalable to our needs.

Our support packages are split into two different types, Reactive support and proactive support. Reactive support means that when something goes wrong. We are there for we, and we fix it quickly. Proactive support means we work closely with we to ensure costly IT failures do not occur.

Our proactive support packages are the most popular with our clients. We work with we every step of the way to advise we about necessary changes to our IT systems. We intend to be with we for the long run. Our expert advice will save our business money and prevent costly IT failures.

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