Ian Leaf Releases New Tax Fraud Tips for 2016


Fresno, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/11/2016 --Ian Leaf has announced the immediate availability of his guide for avoiding tax fraud in 2016, as the tax fraud prevention specialist has created an easy-to-use system that details preventive strategies along with methods for identifying any potentially fraudulent behavior. Leaf, the founder of Ian Leaf Reviews and a highly respected tax fraud prevention specialist, has indicated that the risk of being exposed to fraud during the 2016 tax season remains perilously high despite the efforts of government agencies and others to reduce the incidence of this devastating behavior.

In previous years, tax fraudsters have successfully victimized both the IRS and countless law-abiding citizens through a host of highly sophisticated strategies involving the use of software programs and stolen personal information. While the government and many tax preparation companies have taken steps in an effort to stamp out this type of behavior, Leaf says that there are additional strategies that individuals must take to reduce the likelihood of being victimized during tax time.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Leaf's strategies relate to identity theft prevention, as Lead has indicated that solely focusing on keeping personal information secure is not a complete strategy for preventing tax fraud. According to Leaf, personal identification information is the easiest aspect of tax fraud, and this information is so easily accessible that even government officials are at risk of being victimized by identity theft. While Leaf suggests taking steps to protect identification information, he also advocates the use of a number of other strategies as well.

"Believe it or not, the most effective way to avoid being victimized by a tax fraudster is to file early through a verifiably trustworthy tax professional," says Leaf. "This ensures that even the most sophisticated of fraudsters will not be able to impersonate the intended target since the return has already been filed. Conversely, those who are targeted and file late will be faced with the frustrating experience associated with straightening things out with the IRS after being victimized."

In addition to filing early, Leaf also advises individuals to pay close attention to their credit report throughout the year in order to recognize any fraudulent activity early on. Leaf also suggests requesting an IP PIN from the IRS, as this adds an extra layer of protection and makes it more difficult for fraudsters to use stolen information for the purposes of tax fraud.

"With just a bit of extra effort, consumers can protect against fraudulent activity and ensure that scammers are not able to succeed," says Leaf. "Simply being aware that there is a serious problem will help, but appropriate action is necessary for effective fraud prevention."

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The founder of Ian Leaf Reviews, Ian Leaf is a longtime consumer advocate who specializes in tax fraud prevention. Leaf offers consulting services to businesses and individuals, and he has also released a number of publications dedicated to generating greater awareness of fraud prevention strategies.

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