Netcom PaySystem Launches Best Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Fraud

Roswell, GA -- (SBWire) -- 02/02/2016 --With the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing ease to purchase products online, fraudulent transactions have drastically risen in the past years. In fact, last year alone there was an increase of 30% in retail fraud attempts. With identity theft on the rise, it is necessary that both merchants and consumers always stay alert.

Change credit card

If there has ever been an information breach with any of the credit or debit cards that a person has, it is very important to change them immediately. Many people give no importance to this kind of issues and end up keeping old cards once the financial institution has solved the breach problem. Nevertheless, this doesn`t assure a card won`t be breached again. It is better to change it immediately.

When getting a new debit or credit card, it is always best to get one with a chip to help prevent future fraudulent operations and information theft. Merchants that accept EMV chip-equipped credit cards have managed to drastically reduce the amount of fraudulent transactions.

Using a smartphone

While it`s true that technology has made online theft easier for hackers, it has also provided new ways for cardholders to protect their information and their money. Most financial institutions will provide their users with mobile applications to track their card`s activity. With them, a cardholder will be notified whenever a card is being used. Moreover, cardholders can see current balance right from the mobile app as well. These applications allow to make safe online transactions with other merchants. An interesting feature, which was added not so long ago, allows users to restrict their card`s usage to a certain geographic area. This way a cardholder can make sure no one outside the boundaries that were established will be able to make fraudulent transactions with that credit card. Using all these benefits that financial institutions provide will help to protect users from fraudulent activities.

Regardless of the situation,it is always best to be careful when purchasing or selling products online. Never share credit card number or passwords.

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