Divine Bounty Sets Final Day of Savings on Its New Resveratrol Supplement

Orlando, FL -- (SBWire) -- 02/02/2016 --Divine Bounty spokesperson, Mary Jackson, announced that the firm has set a final day of savings for savings for its new Resveratrol antioxidant The company's newest offering combines four of the most powerful botanical antioxidants on the planet in a single product to aid in neutralizing free radicals.

"Free radicals enter the body through various routes, causing damage to cell structure and DNA," said Jackson.

"Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to minimize damage and consumers can give their body a boost of antioxidants with Resveratrol."

The company's resveratrol supplement combines acai, green tea, grape seed and red wine extracts for 1400mg of polyphenols per dose, the active ingredient in resveratrol that neutralizes free radicals. Available only on Amazon, Resveratrol comes in 60 count bottles of veggie capsules that can be can be consumed by vegetarians and is free of artificial ingredients and many common allergens.

The body manufactures its own natural antioxidants, but when free radicals accumulate in sufficient numbers, they inhibit the body's ability to repair itself effectively. It results in the outward signs of aging, a reduced ability to address inflammation, and impairment of the immune system. Resveratrol is especially beneficial for those over 40, when the body's ability to manufacture natural antioxidants declines.

Plants manufacture polyphenols to protect against bacteria, fungi, UV rays, pollution and other environmental stresses. Divine Bounty has harnessed the natural botanical in a supplement that science has proven effective in boosting the body's own ability to neutralize damaging free radicals. The body acquires free radicals from diagnostic procedures, UV rays, stress and pollution. Even the normal digestive process produces free radicals.

Modern science has demonstrated a wealth of benefits to the human body from the polyphenols contained in Resveratrol. It can aid in protecting the body against conditions linked to the development of diabetes, osteoarthritis and neurodegenerative disease. It's beneficial for reducing blood vessel damage, lowering "bad" cholesterol, improving the body's response to inflammation, and boosting the immune system.

The special savings offered by Divine Bounty on its Resveratrol supplement is coming to a close, but consumers still have a limited amount of time to avail themselves of the product's potent antioxidant potential. The easy to swallow capsules offer an effective alternative for individuals of all ages and Resveratrol comes with a money back guarantee (amazon.com/Resveratrol-Supplement-Strength-Extract-capsules/dp/B019C0UU5S).

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