Accuracy-Plus Reporting Makes Small Move; Upgrades with New and Expansive Videoconference Suite

Respected Court Reporting Experts Anticipate More Frequent Use of Videoconference Center


Roseville, CA -- (SBWire) -- 03/29/2016 --Adaptation is perhaps the most important skill that any one company can have in today's day and age. Pick a successful business in any industry and they will tell you how vital their ability to change has been. Flexibility is an instrumental part of surviving and ultimately succeeding, and that is something that the folks at Accuracy-Plus Reporting can definitely hang their hat on. Since 2000, they have weathered the storms and carved out a sizable chunk of the court reporting market, both in Northern California and throughout the state as a whole. Most recently they made a slight adjustment, moving upstairs in their own building. The move was performed for more than purely aesthetic purposes. Their new office comes equipped with a substantially larger videoconference center – an upgrade that the company is confident will be utilized by numerous clients.

Accuracy-Plus Reporting offers a full slate of legal services to clients across the state of California. They offer standard court reporting, complimentary conference rooms, and interpreting services. In addition, clients can utilize deposition services, a 24/7/365 message center, videotaped deposition services, and real-time, instant visual display reporting. Essentially they are every lawyer's dream, and boast 16 years of relevant industry experience to back it up.

The services provided by Accuracy-Plus expedite the processes that lawyers in California must use. In this way, Accuracy-Plus is a boost, a welcome addition to the arsenal of any attorney, and one that is trusted, experienced, and qualified to step up to the plate. Lori LeRoy is the office manager of Accuracy-Plus, and she commented on the recent move and upgrade, saying "The biggest change is definitely the larger videoconference suite – that is something that both we and our clients can get excited about. We are fully confident that we will be better prepared to handle any client that gives us a call or walks through our doors, and the upgrade simply reinforces that mission."

About Accuracy-Plus Reporting
Accuracy-Plus Reporting is a deposition court reporting agency with a personal touch, supported by experienced court reporters skilled in the latest technology available. They offer 16 years of experience supporting busy attorneys, a very competitive page rate and a wide array of services. The agency serves clientele all over the state of California, from Sacramento, Stockton, and San Francisco down through the Central Valley to Los Angeles and San Diego.

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