GoldMore Outdoor LED Lighting Factory Is Applying for the BSCI Certifications

Ningbo, China -- (SBWire) -- 04/01/2016 --GoldMore is pleased to announce that the company has applied for the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certificate. As a premier outdoor LED lighting manufacturer, the company strives to comply with all the internationally acceptable conventions such as International Labor Organization (ILO).

This announcement came at a time when the Chinese Government has raised issues concerning workers' rights. Making this announcement at the company headquarters; the GoldMore Human Resource Manager, Sunny emphasized on their commitment to implement a standard and acceptable social management system and working conditions within the company.

GoldMore has implemented all the basic requirements of BSCI that has seen the company change their recruitment plans and working conditions.

It will be among the first outdoor LED lighting manufacturers in China that focuses on the following crucial elements in its operations:
1. Legal compliance - both locally and internationally
2. Freedom of association
3. Right to collective bargaining
4. Workplace health and safety
5. Prohibition of child labor and discrimination
6. Working hours and compensation

"A company that does not treat its workforce in an ethical manner may not leverage on the existence of the labor force at its disposal, thus, it becomes nearly impossible to maximize on production," said Sunny. "By applying for BSCI certification, GoldMore aims to avoid unnecessary audits, while being a key player in improving the working condition of workers."

TÜV SÜD is scheduled to conduct audits on GoldMore Outdoor LED Lighting Factory operations. It is a third party auditing body that complies with the BSCI standards.

It is a global network that audits and certifies manufacturing and production companies based on the international standards. It helps companies to integrate their existing systems with other management systems. That is, after a successful BSCI certification, it helps companies fulfill the requirements of other certification systems such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. This is crucial for an outdoor LED light manufacturing company.

It provides an expert opinion of the existing operations and how to improve them in accordance with the BSCI standards. TÜV SÜD is known for its impartiality, professionalism and exceptional expertise.

How GoldMore will benefit from BSCI certification

GoldMore has increased its production of LED: bicycle lights, book light, camping lantern, flashlights, head lamp, key chain light and work light. GoldMore is LED light systems manufacturing company with a highly motivated workforce attributed to better working conditions.

Multiple compliance audits, waste a lot of time and money. A BSCI compliance certificate eliminates all these thus, the GoldMore can only focus on production.

GoldMore has a competitive edge over other LED light system manufacturing companies in China. This is due to its approved ethical business practices. This evident among its customers, competitors, regulators and employees.

The GoldMore Human Resource Dept. has promised to fast track the BSCI certification process. The department hinted that it could be possible before June 2016. It is an attempt for the company to adopt quality manufacturing process.

About GoldMore
Since the inauguration of GoldMore in 2008, the company has become a top-rated LED light products manufacturer. The company manufactures and supplies LED camping light, LED flashlight, LED night light and LED headlamp among others. The products offer total cost advantage and quality manufacturing process. Over the years, GoldMore has adopted an advanced quality inspection process that involves the manufacturing of raw materials and final products with a number of inspection process within the production line. The company has also embarked on LED light research.

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