HTL Launches XO Series Stage LED Display Screens Into the Advertising Market


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWire) -- 05/17/2016 --With people's increasing awareness of environment protection, pursuit of products with the characteristics of low-carbon, energy saving and low emissions are on the rise. Now energy saving products have become an industry trend.

As a leading LED display manufacturer in the industry, HTL is following this trend and has developed a new series product: XO series, which can save more than 40% power than their competitor's products.

HTL's XO series LED screen product is capable of accomplishing this by taking advantage of the following steps.

1, Using highly efficient power supplies to improve energy conversion efficiency

HTL's XO series led display is using power supplies with more than 90% power conversion efficiency. According to the energy conversion law, in the same environment, the conversion efficiency of power supply is higher, the energy loss will be less and the damage to the components will be smaller. So, HTL's XO series product is not only energy saving, but also can prolong the lifespan of power supplies, LED lamps and ICs.

2, Using professional energy saving circuits design

Generally speaking, the voltage value of red, green and blue lamps are 1.8V, 3.3V and 3.3V respectively, while HTL's XO series product adopts power supply which can support 2.8V and 3.8V dual output voltages to reduce the power consumption as much as possible.

3, Adopting highly efficient LED components for the LED screens

HTL's XO series product uses LED components with highest efficiency and luminous intensity. Full color LED pixels are using red, green and blue lamps, which are mixed together according to the brightness ratio 3:6:1. Using led lamps with higher luminous intensity can reduce the electric current of each led lamp, which can further reduce the power consumption of the whole display.

4, Equip them with the smart brightness controls

As we all know, the environment changes a lot in different times, if the display brightness is much higher than the nearby environment, the high brightness will cause discomfort to human's eyes, and the display effect will also be compromised. HTL's XO series product adopts integrated automatic brightness control technology, which can adjust the display brightness automatically according to the environment. This technology, on one hand, can efficiently utilize the energy, on the other hand, can avoid energy waste and pollution to the air.

5, Adopting Intelligent Temperature Control and Acquisition Technology

The Automatic temperature control fan system that HTL XO series designed uses a high-precision integrated temperature sensor, which is controlled by MCU, it can automatically switch to small wind, strong winds, and stop the action at the appropriate temperature according to the user set temperature, it can also significantly reduce noise generation and greatly extend the life of the fan, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of energy.

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