Total Selling Amount of Fascol Company Has Exceeded the Micro Kickboard

A Fighting Story of A New Rising Baby Product Company.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWire) -- 06/27/2016 --The total sales amount of the Fascol company has exceeded the Micro kickboard by June 24th, 2016. It symbolized that Fascol company has become the champion in the baby product field especially in the children's kick board field.

The hot selling product Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter from Fascol company has sold 20,152 by the official website of Fascol and other offline distributors who mainly work in big supermarkets and commercial plazas. Such as Walmart and Target from Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Russian, Canada and United States. On the contrary, the total sales amount of MAXI DELUXE didn't grow because of the strong strike of the Fascol Flashing Wheel Scooter. Meanwhile, its another main product MINI 3IN1 DELUXE also did not make any progress this season, which gave Fascol a chance to outrace the Micro kickboard company.

Fascol has designed a new tricycle for twins called the Tricycle Tandem Stroller. Once this product was launched, orders from all over the world filled up Fascol company's inbox, and the shipping department of the Fascol company had to work 24 hours a day to ensure every product arrived at the hand of the customer on time. Although, several orders delayed a little. After talking with those customers frankly, the good thing was that every customer got a 28 Euros Fascol Baby Toilet for free. Those customers were satisfied and gave Fascol good reviews. Fascol always provides warm and comprehensive service and is also one of the most strong weapons to win over other competitors.

Every successful product has an excellent manufacturer behind it. Fascol started its career as a manufacturer owning a large toy factory in the baby product field. Fascol gains a strong manufacturing ability naturally. What customers need is what they manufacture.

Meanwhile, strong research and development ability is the one of the most outstanding features among other toy brands in the world. Fascol company hires most experienced baby product experts in Germany to design its products with copyright not just copying others. Fascol does not need to care about patent, so it does not need to modify its product to avoid patent issues. Therefore, the customers' elegant taste and special needs are satisfied when the products are purchased.

About Fascol Company
Fascol company has a professional quality inspecting team. It's inevitable that some products have defects after they are produced. A team with a strong sense of responsibility and strict quality regulation always pick out the bad ones to ensure all of their customers enjoy an outstanding experience. After the inspection of the quality monitoring team, every product including a small screw in the scooter will work perfectly with the children.

After the United Kingdom break from the European Union, Fascol may suffer some decrease in the UK market. But soon it will recover. High quality and low price products from Fascol company is irresistible to customers in the UK.

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