ZipLine Utah Opens World's Longest Zipline to Ever Go over a Body of Water

Utah-based 2 Mile Adventure Course Now Featuring Their Newest Addition of “Screaming Falcon”


Heber, UT -- (SBWire) -- 07/19/2016 --ZipLine Utah announces the addition of "Screaming Falcon" to their two-mile adventure course giving ZipLine Utah the amazing distinction of being home to the longest zipline to go over a body of water.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of being close to the earth with nothing but air between oneself and the ground. Ziplining is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that connects humans with the elements in a totally unique way.

Composed of two incredible miles of zipline in total, ZipLine Utah's tour runs through the amazing Deer Creek State Park. "Screaming Falcon" – the newest edition to the course – spans across gorgeous Rainbow Bay and pairs up with the second most recent addition "Flight of the Condor" to create nearly 2 miles of fun. Together, these two portions of ZipLine Utah form what is now the longest zipline in the world to go over a body of water – close to 4000ft. Newly added features include ten ziplines and seven aerial bridges.

Some parts of ZipLine Utah's two-mile course take adventurers at speeds of up to 60 mph. Throw in an 80 ft. tower, ropes course, a free fall tower, and a climbing wall and ZipLine Utah makes for an unforgettable time like no other. With the majesty of nature all around, lone adventurers and large groups alike can enjoy the thrill of the zipline.

"'Screaming Falcon' is a thrilling adventure for everyone – whether they're a veteran zipliner or a newcomer," shared ZipLine Utah Owner Jon Johnson. "It's been amazing to see everyone's reaction so far and we look forward to folks from all over continuing to join us on this epic adventure!"

Pricing, photos, information on discounts, and more details can be found on ZipLine Utah's website.

About ZipLine Utah
ZipLine Utah is located in Deer Creek State Park. Its two-mile course includes what is now the longest zipline in the world to go over a body of water. Visitors from anywhere in the world can enjoy the majesty of nature while adventuring from high up in the sky. ZipLine Utah takes pride in being good stewards of the land. By building ziplines that enable folks to fly above everything, the beauty of the landscape can be enjoyed while leaving nature as close as possible to the way it was found. With each new addition – including their latest "Screaming Falcon" – they are pleased to say they've achieved this goal and feel it's a great way to have a super exciting time in nature while simultaneously trying to be respectful of it.

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