Experts Reveal the Secrets in Naturally Treating Calluses During Pregnancy

Wilmington, DE -- (SBWire) -- 07/18/2016 --Pregnancy is considered by many women to be a rewarding, life-changing experience. While the entire process is filled with excitement and joy, it also carries along certain challenges such as swelling, carrying extra weight, and the formation of calluses.

Experts reveal the secrets in naturally treating calluses during pregnancy. Pregnancy usually results in fluid retention, which triggers the uterus to put pressure on the veins. Pregnant women normally find it extremely hard to reach their feet, especially as the pregnancy progresses.

Pregnant women with calluses should exercise more prudent care in dealing with calluses. These thick, hardened areas of the skin usually form on the heels or balls of the feet. They could also develop in the knuckles and palms of the hands.

Thickened skin layers develop when the skin is exposed to excessive friction or pressure. It forms as the way of the skin to protect its underlying tissue. There are factors believed to contribute to the development of calluses such as wearing poorly fitted shoes.

While calluses are generally considered to be harmless, they need to be eliminated once they start to cause discomfort and pain. When they increase the risk of cracked heels, they should also be eliminated. Pregnant women can resort to natural remedies to address problematic calluses, especially that it can be difficult for them to reach their feet.

One of the best ways to deal with calluses during pregnancy is to soak the feet in warm water. This can help soften the hardened skin layer. They may apply a moisturizer such as a lotion to eliminate the risk of dryness, which can increase the risk of callus formation.

Pregnant women should also ensure that they wear the right fit and size of shoes. When they perform activities that place pressure on the hands, it is imperative that they wear gloves. There are also over-the-counter callus cushions available.

Experts advise that pregnant women should avoid using metal blades such as scalpel when removing calluses at home. Blades can increase their risk of cuts and wounds, which can lead to infection. They may use pumice stone after soaking their feet with warm water.

There is an easier, safer, and faster alternative to pumice stone, and it is called the electric callus remover. This foot care product is designed to buff calluses on the feet safely, and leave the feet clean, beautiful, and smooth.

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